Alex Zahara - The man of many Faces - Interview

Welcome and Stargate Fans,
today my guest is Alex Zahara

Alex Zahara was born in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. Fans call himn sometimes "The man of many Faces" He played differnt roles in Stargate and also in many other TV Series.

Hello Alex and thank you for your time for the Fans.

- Alex you was a part of Stargate SG1.From 1998 - 2003 you played differt character, Warrwick Finn , Iron Shirt ,Eggar.... How was is for yourself in this times?

It was an amazingly fun time!  I loved every minute of it, even the tough times!  lol Cause really how tough can it be?  Getting up super early and going to work in full makeup playing aliens… it actually fuels your performance!  




-Your last Stargate job is some years ago, do you miss the Cast and the series?

Oh of course I do!  We go along great.  I have known Michael Shanks for years we went to university together.  Richard is great, Amanda is AMAZING.  And the crew were absolutely fabulous!  Worked a lot with many members of the crew!


Do you still have contact to some of the Stargate Cast?

Just Facebook really or if we work together.  Dion Johnston and I met up last year while he was doing a play in Vancouver about Martin Luther King.  I have worked with Amanda a few times and she has been wonderful.



-When Stargate makes another TV Series or Movie will you return when they ask?

LOl are you kidding?!?!? In a heartbeat!!!





-Alex you are not only a Stargate Actor you also in many series and movies like
The Returned ,The Whisperer ,Helix , Hell on Wheels , The Man in the High Castle and many many more. Whats your personal highlight so far?

Well on of my favourites is The Outer Limits where I played the Commandant of Auschwitz.  It is based on the real life story of Leo Egan, the father of show runner, Leo Egan.  It has a wonderful message of family and reminds us to that we must actively stop anything like the Holocaust from every happening again.  


Hell on Wheels was a lot of fun riding horses and playing cowboy of course is always fun!  


Man in The High Castle was AMAZINGLY Fun.  crazy subject matter but that is what made it so great!  


I also recently Co-produced, Cast and Starred in a feature film, Patterson’s Wager that I am incredibly proud of.  It is about a man who can see two minutes into the future, it happens totally at random and he has no control over it.  It t then explore the repercussions it has on his life.  It has done amazingly well winning several best feature awards at international film festivals.  You can rent it and but it on iTunes right now.

-I am also a great Fan of one of the Best Western Series so far, Hell on Wheels. You played Lt. Weston in two Episodes, what can you tell us about this Series and Anson Mount?


Anson is one of the most committed professionals I have ever worked with.  He lives every moment that his character is going through!




-The Man in the High Castle, SS Officer Oliver Diels / Oberfuehrer Oliver Diels , what do you think when you hear you can play in this TV Series?


I was excited beyond words!!  I did my personal happy dance when I found out!!  Are you kidding, Phillip K Dick, Frank Spotnitz, Ridley Scott?!?!?!  It was a dream come true! The entire production team, cast and  crew were just incredible!






-Some Fans call you "The Man of many Faces" because you played in so many Serie so many differnt Characters. Did you you this Nickname and what do you think about?

Yes, lol I heard about this nickname and I am very thankful for it!  It was hard earned!  lol it isn’t easy to book the number of characters I have played and continue to play.  I consider myself very fortunate and I work hard to maintain that nickname!  

-What are your plans for the future ? Is there something you work at right now? I see on Imdb projects like "Brain and Fire" or "The 9th Life of Louis Drax”

Yes I am looking forward to seeing these movies come out and I am looking forward to playing Sherlock Holmes in a play in the fall!  It is a comedy called Baskerville, a comedic adaptation of The Hound of The Baskervilles.  Really excited about this.  Will be at The Stanley Theatre in Vancouver and then on tour.  



-At the last some words to your fans?


Just really appreciate that you like and support this kid from the prairies of Canada and keep me employed so I can make a living at what I love!  THANK YOU VERY MUCH!  oxoxo Alex