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Daniel Roebuck about Lost from our Interview from 2019

- There are so many series Daniel ( Lost, NCIS , Law and Order , Grimm ,Desperate Housewives, The man in the high castle, Woke up dead.....) What was your personal highlight so far?


It’s hard to top the LOST experience. The character, Dr. Leslie Artz, was so wacky, the ensemble of actors was so excellent, the writing was top notch, and we shot in Hawaii, so it was all good news. It’s funny to be the guest star because you are coming into a family like the cousin that nobody wanted to visit, and you have to earn your way into their hearts. I enjoy making new friends, so climbing that particular mountain doesn’t scare me. And the great thing about being the guest star is that no one blames you if the series fails.

The complete Interview with Daniel Roebuck

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Candace Hammer about LOST from our Interview 2015

Candace, you played in some of my favorite TV Series,one of them is "Lost" where you played the Nurse Debra in the episode "What happend,happend". what are some of your favourite memories from your time on the show? 


I remember getting cast, and then the show going on Christmas break for three weeks.  So I decided I would watch all four seasons to know what was happening when I read the script.  Well when I finally got the script I still had no idea what was happening. (Season 5 was when the time travel got intense)  But I definitely knew the show really well!  

I also remember getting to set and being really nervous because it was my first time working in TV.  Elizabeth Mitchell and Evangeline Lilly were in the first scene with me and made me feel so welcomed.  It helped me to calm down and focus.  

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