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Sonya Thompson
“Looking back at working on The Walking Dead I remember how hard it was to be a walker in the Georgia Heat, but also how amazing it was to be to be there doing what I love”

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Aurora Karine
“Looking back at working on The Walking Dead I will cherish working with Greg Nicotero and the rest of the cast and crew and will have wonderful memories on being part of such a wonderful show.”

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Diego Davila
"Looking back working on the walking dead it has been a blessing and an adventure with people to later become family. A learning experience that ill never forget, being in an environment of creating something that people love and admire it makes it so much more worthwhile. I'm forever emotionally gratefull that TWD got to be my first job as a performer and certainly not the last, I miss everyday on set and hope other get a chance to experience the love and passion that goes into these films.
Thanks to everyone that supports the show and keep being awesome.

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Ronnie L Cleary
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead, all I can say is wow!  I am beyond thankful for the time I got to spend on set and even more so for the lifelong friends I have made through my time on set and encounters afterwards.  Everyone involved, including the fans who never got the chance to work on the show, is family.

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Ann Mahoney
I know how lucky I was to be a part of a true masterpiece. Great people committed to the craft, shooting on real film. What an absolute honor.

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E. David Jones
“Looking back at working on The Walking Dead, I think I would have taken more opportunity to speak with other actors and Greg Nicoterro especially when they initiated the conversation.  Out of respect for their time I purposely kept my conversations short and I regret that.

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Brian Sheppard
I am so thankful. To be even a small part of that universe was my dream and I loved every moment.

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Lew Temple
Looking back at The Walking has been such an epic journey that has led to self discovery, compassion, and friendship. Mostly the friends that I have made because of the show. It has truly been a gift. Respectfully, Lew Temple/Axel

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Josh D'Agostino
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead I really wish we would have been able to show the viewers the back story on how my group of biker Saviors became a group and met up with Negan. Over the years I have gotten the question about that and have even been looking into doing my own series for the fans about how my group got through the start of the apocalypse, our individual journeys and how we eventually got to the road that we met our demise on. So for all the fans out there, my question is: how many of you would want to see that back story?

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Indiana Sifuentes
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead.
For me, it was a dream come true.
I left the oil fields of Texas to find this show about zombies filming somewhere in Georgia and somehow convince them to let me join them.
And with the help of my future wife, they did!!!
Suddenly, I was a part of the storyline the entire world was watching!
The TWD Family embraced me, my fellow actors cheered me on, amigos I hadn't heard of or seen in decades reached out to me. My dad was proud of me in a way that couldn't have been possible any other way. I was a Savior on The Walking Dead!
Everyday onset that I got to watch these incredible actors create their magic was like taking an expensive Master Acting Class. 

Watching Jeff and Andy do their thing, showed me how rewarding it is to play a bad guy. This led me to fall in love with acting. 
TWD changed my life.
No matter what else I do in life, no matter where I go in the world, no matter what happens from here on, I will always carry my time with The Walking Dead as one of my biggest and most beloved accomplishments of my life. 
My heart will always walk with Negan and The Saviors.

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Joshua Mikel
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead, I am so very thankful to have had the opportunity to be a small part of a series that has meant so much to so many folks across the globe. One of the best things I ever heard at a convention from a fan of the show was, “My family doesn’t eat dinner together, we don’t go on vacations, we’re not particularly close, but every Sunday, we sit down and watch The Walking Dead together.” That’s an unorthodox family time, but watching a apocalyptic series in which the characters are dealing with coming to terms with a world they don’t recognize seems distinctly modern and of the times to me.

I love that folks have shared this experience with friends, family, online communities, and at conventions celebrating the work and story that has captivated folks for 11 seasons. I’m so thankful to the creators, AMC, and to Andy Lincoln who I believe is primarily responsible for creating such a comfortable and respectful set ethic. I’ve made so many friends both working on the show and meeting folks since my time on the show, and I can say with complete certainty that my time on the show as Jared changed my life in so many wonderful ways. Cheers to The Walking Dead, and cheers to the TWD Family! Stay alive. 

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Alex Barnes
Looking back on the Walking Dead and having worked the show for 5 years, as a Walker, Hero Walker, Whisperer, Alexandrian, Hilltopper, Trooper and as Pamela Milton's personal guard, what an amazing ride it has been. My biggest take away is the friends I have made on set, friends that I can call at a moments notice, there is a love, a bond that we share.
Now I carry that forward to filming on Fear TWD and look forward to more of the same.
Again, WOW, what a ride.

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Corey Gupton
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead, it has been some of the most enjoyable times on set.

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Steve Warren was one of the happiest times of my acting career. I was on set through enough of Season One to feel like part of the family. With 100+ IMDb credits, from leads to featured and extra roles, I never thought my 30 seconds of fame would come when Rick split my skull with a machete in Ep. 201, but that seems to be what I'm best remembered for.

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Jonathan Cooley
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead it truly changed my life. I have made so many friends that I now consider my family !

Jonathan Cooley
Whisperer/Walker season 9&10


Dave Haun
It was a dream come true. One of the best experiences of my life. The best part is the people I have become friends with. The fans are amazing. And the actors are pretty awesome. I only wish I could have been on the show more. I hope I am able to get on the ones upcoming

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Kelley Mack
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead, "I immediately think how I would love to be back and acting on that set. Everyone was so warm and welcoming; the sets were so realistic; it truly felt like I was in a dream."

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Casey Wagner
Looking back at working on the Walking Dead, I think about getting to watch masters like Jeffrey, Andrew, and Norman doing what they do best, every day was like being a paid understudy. I think about the harsh and often unforgiving conditions we filmed in, it was as if we really were living in a post apocalyptic world, surviving on what we could. The many great behind the scenes stories I both witnessed and took part in. Making many connections that were fun at the time but then ultimately collapsed because certain individuals couldn't keep their egos in check. But most of all, I was grateful for the experience, the surprise fan reaction, and was just happy to be a part of the ride.

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Jerry Sparks
I would have to say that looking back on working on the walking dead was a dream come true and I'm so grateful for all the friends I made

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Lee Vervoort
Looking back at working on The walking Dead is one of the most enjoyable experiences of my career in the film industry. I also recognized that if it wasn't for the fans it wouldn't exist. The fans and supporters of the show are the basis of why it exists. Thank you to everyone out there who supported us over the years and thank you to the people who allowed us to be a part of the program.

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Don Teems
Looking back at working on the walking dead I will cherish the on set memories with the cast and crew and all of the friendships I have made both on and off set. It truly is a walking dead family and I had a great time working on this show.

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Josh 'TKO' Turner
'Tattooed Savior'Season 6-10
Look backing at working on The Walking Dead, it was truly a lot fun and such a cool experience in my life. I met a lot of great people, and had some of the most fun I've ever had working on the show. The show was truly all like one big family, and it was such a true honor to be able to be a part of it.

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Chris Payne
Looking back at my time working on TWD, I realize I will never find another set where everyone is as close as family. The cast and crew all took time to know one another and I can't remember a moment where an ego got in the way. Most of all I connected with fans from all over the world. I cherish all of the conversations and chats I have had along the way with these wonderful people. Thank you all so much for making my journey less lonely.

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Greg Crews
Looking back on working with the Walking Dead I value the friendships I forged and the people I met
along the way from the production staff to the other actors and always the amazing fans that are loyal
to this amazing show.

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Jason Kirkpatrick
Looking back at working on the walking dead I understand the worth of possibilities and once in a
lifetime experiences that others fantasize and pine over. I wasn't fully aware of what the phenomenon
of TWD really was until my episode aired on My Birthday MARCH 24th 2018. It also took a few meet and
greets and conversations with some of the Fans to see how lucky I was to get to have that that some of
them only wish they could have just a peek at what we lived on that set. I have met friends that check
on me everyday because of TWD, friends for life. So existential of me to be asked to look back on
working on THE WALKING DEAD, while the experience keeps growing as a larger part of my existence
through the fans.

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Stacey Crowder
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead, I can't explain how something touched a single person so
much. I now have friends across the globe. Each member of production as well as the fans, truly form
The Walking Dead family. I have never been so honored to be a small part of such a great family. Each
person I met along that path has been a blessing. Special Thanks to Director David Boyd for S0704 and
his continued friendship along the way. I could write a book about my experience and may someday. Thank
you. Each and every one.

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Ben Bladon
Looking back on working on the Walking Dead

When I look back on working on the Walking Dead, I think of beginnings.  I had been sober for a year and, as of yet. still had no idea what direction I was going, I had
no ambitions of being an actor, and honestly had no idea that Hollywood was progressively moving to where I was.  When somebody suggested that I try out to be a
zombie on the Walking Dead, the first thing I said was “What is that?”, even though it had already been on for two seasons.  I had reservations but decided to give it a
shot, and that led to four years (seasons 5-8) of being fantastic looking zombies in a few of the shows most epic scenes, which set me down a path that I had never dreamed I would ever be on.  It was hard but worth it, and when my time on it was over, I was relieved but grateful.  

As walkers, we were not allowed to start conversations with the main cast unless they
talked to us first, but over those years, I ended up having little moments with Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Melissa McBride, Denai Guerrera, and Lauren Cohen,
that I will remember for the rest of my life.  I am now a legitimate, (sometimes) working actor who has had speaking roles and done stunt work on some pretty big
productions.  My future looks brighter than ever and I have a promising career ahead of me, and NONE of that would be happening if I hadn’t had submitted to play walkers
of The Walking Dead all those years ago.  To all the friends I made on the show, and people I got to work with, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for a fantastic
experience, and a great show.  Nothing but love and best of luck in all your future endeavors.

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Marcus Jackson
It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life

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CJ Rhoades
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead I can say that I learned more than I
would have ever guessed. Through the ups and downs, I will forever be thankful for
that experience.

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Craig Patterson
Working on the walking dead was a great experience for me. Not only did it make me
realize how much i love film... But it was my goal of getting into film in the first
place. I've met tons of people through this experience, Actors and fans alike, That
would have have never come into my life if it wasn't for twd. Even though my time on
the show came late in the series, and was short, it couldn't have come in a better
time in my life.  I owe a lot of my current success to being on the show and I'm
extremely grateful for the opportunity given to me. I will always be the "Ginormous

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Pete Pitts
Looking back at working on The Walking Dead, I discovered a real, living and lifelong
family. My emergence into this epic series began with my loyalty to Negan as one of
his most trusted Saviors. Then I began to see Rick, Daryl, and all the other
survivors as heroes in their own right. I respected them. I understood that in order
to survive, there is great strength required, which is only found in unity. Despite
the alliances we chose, we all lived in a world bereft of the luxuries of self-
indulgences, securities and freedoms, without mortal sacrifice and permanent
ramifications. Our comraderies allowed us to experience a greater quality of life and
enjoy a higher life expectancy. 

There were many challenges, many obstacles, and much
was lost.. but what was gained was far greater in value. To all my fellow cast
members, crew, background actors, stand ins, fans, and supporters, I give the
sincerest gratitude imaginable. We could not have made this show without each one of
you, and it would not have seen such a robust lifespan without the loyalty and
dedication from our viewers. I greatly value each fan I met at all the Walker Stalker
Cons in Atlanta, San Francisco and Chicago, and The Walker Stalker cruise to Mexico
in 2018. These memories will forever be cherished and will remain indelibly in my
heart for all my life. I call you all family because this is how I honestly feel
about you. I love you all, and I thank you humbly for allowing me to be a small part
of this incredible story, my #TWDFam!

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Nadine Marissa

I am so grateful, and will truly miss the family we built. Andy created a family and anyone who worked there knows the feeling .

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Bob Melton

I made many good. Friends there, and it was my favorite work in this business out of over 100 productions I have been a part of.

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Autumn McClary

Looking back at working on the The Walking Dead I remain incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it all. It was one of the most fun and immersive film sets I have ever experienced. Uniquely, I have to say the lasting comradery that I have to this day with some of my fellow scavengers is the greatest feeling as well. My time working on the The Walking Dead will always be a treasured memory. ♡

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IronE Singleton

...I dreaded this day would come. Therefore, I'm glad I chose to live in the moment and soak up all the TWD goodness I could.






LaBrandon Shead

Looking back at working on The Walking Dead, I’m beyond grateful to be apart of one of the biggest television shows of all time. I still pinch myself till this day in disbelief that I got the job in season 6 as the shaved head wolf. It was one of the toughest audition processes that I ever faced but I’m grateful for it. It made me a better actor looking back. Having the chance to work with some of the great actors on the show such a Lennie James and Seth Gilliam was a treat. The cast on the show was warm and welcoming and I felt right at home. All of the sweat and blood that went into our days on set I’m going to cherish always. I want to thank the producers for allowing me to be apart of their storytelling. It was life changing. Walking Dead will go down as the biggest show in history the way I see it.

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Skylar Felton

Looking back at working on the walking dead, I can say that it changed my career trajectory forever. It taught me so much, and I am grateful for every soul that I interacted with during this amazing time.

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