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Alexxis Falcon Interview - I think absolute dream opponent would be Charlotte Flair

Ring Name: Alexxis Falcon 
Date of birth: 18/07/1997 
Height:  5ft 3in
Birth place: Yorkshire, England 
Debut: August 2017
Trained by: Sam Bailey 
Finishers/ Signature Moves: Flatliner DDT, Falcons Fury (twist of fate), splits kick, roundhouse kick, German suplex 
Homepage: Facebook: Alexxis Falcon, Instagram&Twitter: @alexxisfalcon, big cartel: 

- Thank you so much for your time, we are always delighted to be able to introduce
talents for the "Pro Wrestling Interview Series Tour 2020".

- When and how did you get into Pro wrestling?

I used to watch it when I was really young! It was shown to me by my grandad who was obsessed with it. I started saying through my school years I was going to be a professional wrestler when I grew up, and then when I moved away to Liverpool and started university, I had nothing to do in my spare time so I thought when better to start than now?! And I have never looked back 

- When you start in wrestling did you family and friends support your decission or were they rather sceptic?

My friends and family were supportive but shocked at first I think. I’d been saying I was going to do it for so long and I don’t think any of them really knew it existed in the U.K. in terms of training schools and the independent scene, they were under the impression it just existed in America. But they are still really supportive now and have remained supportive throughout my journey and career. 

- Can you still recall your first training sessions?

I can! They were so nerve wracking. I got the train all by myself, walked from the train station to the venue by myself in a completely new area I’d never been! I had a background in gymnastics and boxing which meant I picked up the rolls / basics quite easily as it wasn’t new to me but I was still so nervous. I made friends really quickly though, a lot of whom I still speak to now on a regular basis. All of the trainees there were lovely to me and helped me out a lot. 

- And what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd for the first time?Were you nervous?

I didn’t eat all day because I was so nervous! I didn’t know how to act in front of them, but once I was out there everything felt ok!

-  Do you have a ‚dream opponent‘ you want to fight above all others?
I think absolute dream opponent would be Charlotte Flair. She has such star quality and brings out the absolute best matches from her opponents. Almost all of my favourite womens matches include her. I’ve also always wanted to face Toni Storm. She is super talented and I remember when I first started was when she was becoming a huge star in the U.K. scene, and it’s great to see how big she has become! 

In terms of the U.K. independent scene, I’d love to wrestle Millie McKenzie or Zoe Lucas. Both are absolutely fantastic talents. 

- Do you have Pro Wrestling idols, maybe people who have influenced your in-ring style? Or Childhoodheroes?

Plenty! My absolute number one is and always will be Jeff Hardy. I always wanted to be like him when I grew up. Other people who have influenced my style are the likes of John Morrison, Melina, Luna Vachon & Lita. 

- Wrestling Fans loves funny or thrilling road stories. Do you have one for us you can share?
Not many funny road stories in fact but I did fall over on my entrance once and fracture my wrist! It was so embarrassing! 

- When a booker or company from your Country or around the world will book you , where can they contact you?

They can contact me via DM on Twitter or Instagram or through my email 

- Thank you very much for your time, do you have some words for your fans?

Thank you & to my fans: Thank you so so much for your support! I know this year has been super difficult for everybody involved and hopefully we will smash 2021 and it’s gonna be one to remember! Xox 

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