Amy Rydell is known for her work on Star Trek Continues (2013) and James Dean - Ein Leben auf der Überholspur (2001)


She reprised her mother's role as the female Romulan Commander for Star Trek Continues episode "To Boldly Go" parts 1 and 2. Her mother was in the original series Star Trek as the female Romulan Commander in the episode "The Enterprise Incident".


Amy how did you get your role in Star Trek Continues?

Vic called and emailed me many times. I handle my mother's fan mail etc so I thought it was something for her. When we finally spoke, he told me he wanted me to reprise my mother's iconic role. At first I was a little uncertain but as soon as I looked at the other episodes they had done,I was more than excited to be apart of it.


- Was you a Star Trek Fan before you work in it or did you watch Star Trek before?

I had of course seen my mother's episode the,but I wasnt a trekkie. Til now.


- Star Trek starts these days with an New Series , "Star Trek Discovery". Did you watch the show?

I have seen it. I love seeing what CBS comes up with.


- But you are not only an actress you also work as Stuntwomen in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" and "The Fast and the

Furious". How do you become a Stuntmen?

I'm hardly a stunt woman. My husband was the stunt coordinator on those films. I did a couple of very safe minor stunts. Quite fun.


- You work with so many people, like Mel Gibson , Sissy Spacek , Vin Diesel and many many more. which one has left an impression

and what? Working with James Franco on the James Dean story was amazing. He is an incredible talent and he truly transformed himself.


- At the last some words for the Fans outside there?

I appreciate all the wonderful responses I have received from the fans. It has truly been so emotional for me. Sharing all of it with my mother has been a life gift. She will be ninety soon and this has brought her great joy.

Interview with Amy Rydell