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Atomic Blonde - Chemical Danger Interview

Name of the ring: Atomic Blonde


Date of birth: 01-13-1994


Height: 167


Weight: 55 kg


Place of birth: Madrid, Spain


Debut: 2015


Trained by:

 White wolf wrestling (Spain)

Finishers / Signature Moves:

619 and Diving Elbow. Submission Figure 4.


Facebook: Chemical Danger



Thank you very much for your time, we are always happy to present

talents for the "Global Pro Wrestling Talents Tour 2018"


Atomic blonde: Thanks to you!


What made you become a professional fighter?

 The passion for wrestling, since I was little I live and I feel it.



Do you remember your first training session and who trained you so far?

Yes, I remember, I will never forget. It was a mixture of feelings, the first training is very hard, I ended up with my back destroyed but what I can tell you is that since my first training I went every day from Monday to Friday for 1 year, to be able to train well, really I love Wrestling


How do you remember your first game? And what was it like to fight in front of a Live crowd for the first time?

Exciting, fun, all great greetings we were two very professional women in the ring and although the nerves were present during the game the people reacted very well with us.


What other fighter would you like to fight?

Many! hahaha but above all it goes Io shirai or meiko satomura.



Do you have Pro Wrestling idols, maybe people who have influenced your style in the ring? Or childhood heroes?

Mickie James, for me she is the best fighter in the history of wrestling. My reasons: She is a complete fighter from head to toe, works the psychology of the ring, the attitude etc ... She has a lot inside.



Did you have coincidences that will always be the highlight for you?

Yes, I had a match that made me very emotional




What do you do when you're not a fighter?

I work, I take care of my daughter who is one year and three months old, she trained daily in the gym, I train wrestling

I have a pretty busy life!


Can you tell us an interesting funny or exciting road story?


Something always happens on the road hahahaha It was in the UK, I had to arrive early for a game and the plane landed late, the promoter sent me a car to pick me up, he came late and then I was very hysterical why I had to change in the car, and the Mr. who drove decided to go full-throttle on the road while I changed behind. I moved from one place to another hitting the doors and that man had to take seriously his work to not be late why my heart was going to come out by mouth, I was like 10 minutes shouting "We're going to kill" and the guy said quiet that I control. It was like madness I arrived with the pants placed upside down, and an unpainted eye, but I arrived on time and alive.


When a booker or company from your country or from around the world will book it where can you contact it?

 They write me to my personal Facebook or send a message to the Facebook page!



Thank you very much for your time, do you have some words for your fans? Thank you! Yes! Thanks to all the people who support me! from Spain with love, to the whole world! I emphasize in Germany why I really got to the soul and the heart ️, Thank you world! thanks Germany!




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