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Aurora Karine - Interview with The Flower Mom

- Aurora ,How did you get your role as "Flower Mom" in the AMC Series The Walking Dead ?

Initially I was filling in for someone as a "background Kingdom walker". In my first scene, I stood behind Melissa McBride, and got into character as Khary Payton was delivering his speech to the Kingdom. In that scene I tried to emote the importance of tha moment to the people of the Kingdom. The following day on set, I was told that I had been upgraded to a character in the script - Flower mom (Joshua's mom).


- Did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to

your casting to The Walking Dead?

My family and I have been watching The Walking Dead since the very first episode. We are big fans! My sons, Connor and Caleb, have read some of the novels.


- Working with Melissa McBride, Khary Payton or one of the Maincast Members will be a dream for every TWD Fan, what can you say about working with some of these guys?

They are as incredible and as talented as any fan could imagine! I danced salsa with Melissa in between takes! Cooper Andrews (Jerry) is amazingly funny! I couldn't have asked for a better scene partner and mentor than Khary Peyton. He was so helpful and it was an honor to watch him work. What an incredibly talented actor and kind person. The Director Dan Liu was absolutely fantastic. Greg Nicotero didn't direct this particular episode, But he was an absolute dream to work on my other episodes.


- How much has the series The Walking Dead influenced your life? Can you

go outside unrecognized ?

It's interesting, for such a brief role, I do get recognized occasionally. There were a few articles and recaps written right after the episode aired and the writers mentioned how much of an impact that scene had on them. Khary mentioned to me how pivotal my scene was, He said it set the tone for the remainder of the episode.


- How did your family react when they found out that you were playing in The Walking Dead?

I couldn't wait to tell my sons! They were extremely happy for me. Of course I couldn't give them much info due to the privacy of the show. When the episode aired they were blown away by my scenes in the episode! “OMG MOM!! You got shot in the head by Ezekiel! OMG!!”


- What was the atmosphere like on set, being on such a serious show?

The cast and crew is one big happy family but they are all extremely professional. It is like working with friends you have known for years.


- Aurora , you were in the Kingdom army for the fight against the Saviors and died when 90% of the kingdom would perish. How was it making this scene?

We knew the day before the scene was shot that most of us would perish. Watching Khary film that scene was extraordinary. I couldn't help but hold back tears watching him film the scene where he finds his people dead. Filming the actual scenes involving myself and the others was very intense.


- Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series

outside "The Walking Dead" that you can reveal?

I recently completed a short film called “Indocumentada”. It has won several awards at the film festivals around the world. The director, Andres Lugo, won best director in Bologna, Italy. There is alot of interest in making it into a feature film.


- Is there any dream role or actor/actress you would love to work in the future?

I have been fortunate enough to have worked with several of my idols, Alfred Molina, Denzel Washington, Clancy Brown, James McaVoy, Robert Downey Jr., and Directors including M. Night Shyamalan, Damien Chazelle, Antoine Fuqua. Acting is not only my passion, but a necessity. I can't picture myself doing anything else. Every chance I get to perform is a dream.


- Is there anything else you would like to let The Walking Dead Fans and your fans know?

Thank you so much for the love and support, I appreciate the fan mail and I do read all the beautiful letters and appreciate them. This show is successful because of the passionate, loyal fans.


- Thank you Aurora Karine for your time and I hope to see you one day in Germany too.

Thank you so much! I would love to visit and work in Germany one day. It would be an honor. Thank you for having me! Vielen Dank!

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