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Bashley Bones Interview

Ring Name: Bashley Bones

Date of birth: August 6, 1984

Height: 5’2”

Birth place: Hanford, Ca 

Debut: April 10, 2021

Trained by: Jeremiah Plunkett & Thom Latimer (Bram) @ Tried N True Academy 

Finishers/ Signature Moves: Derby Driver, Bicycle Kick

Homepage: (Facebook,Instagram, Twitter,Website)FB: Bashley Bones

IG: Bashley110  (I have a Twitter but don’t ever use it) 



- Let me thank you for doing this interview for the "Pro Wrestling Interview Series Tour 2021".



- When and how did you get into Pro wrestling?

Lifetime fan, I started training The beginning of 2019


- Do you have any previous experience with martial arts from before you became a wrestler or other sports you did?

I briefly trained in MMA (so long ago) but decided I really liked my face. I played roller derby for seven years before switching to pro wrestling. 



- Can you still recall your first training sessions?

Yes, not too long ago for me!  



- How do you remember your first match, what was the feedback and what experience did you take from it?

I remember I was nervous and it was a little hectic, but fun. I didn’t get feedback from anyone in that match. I remember the promoter and Booker had no idea it was my first match until later in the evening. I’d say I tried to just calm my nerves and have fun. 



- Do you have a ‚dream opponent‘ you want to fight above all others?

 Rhea Ripley, I’d love for her to toss me around the ring 


- Do you have/ had any Wrestling idols Or Childhoodheroes?

Sable, Tatanka, & of course The Undertaker 



- What are you doing when you not stand inside the ring?

I work a bunch of odd jobs in order to be flexible for Wrestling. You can also find me on the crew at a few of the larger companies. 



- When a booker or company from your Country or around the world will book you , where can they contact you? or FB message. 


- Thank you very much for your time- I wish you much success at your next event´s .Thank you for your time! Stay well! Stay safe!And do you have some words for your fans at the end?


  Just to keep Rolling!! Don’t give up, no matter how hard the struggle. 

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