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Interview with Bernard M May from The Walking Dead World Beyond

Bernard M. May is an American Actor from the DMV as well as Queens New York. He is known for numerous roles and appearances in popular shows like "The Walking Dead World Beyond", "For Life , HBO's "Pause with Sam Jay" and more.

- How did you get your role in the AMC Series The Walking Dead World Beyond as Council Member?
I was originally supposed to be a Village Guard or Villager Production emailed me last minute and said the director liked my looked as on of the Council Members

- Bernard , did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to
your casting to The Walking Dead?

I was a super WALKING Dead Fan before being on the show


- Working in The Walking Dead Universe will be a dream for every TWD Fan, what can you say about working inside the Series?
It was an amazing getting to see how zombies are actually killed l, explosions, emotional moments. More so have to stay professional do my job and take in all the greatness at the same time.


- You had just little part´s in the show but many of them. How much has the series influenced your life? Can you go outside unrecognized ?
It’s funny I get a lot of random ppl asking where they saw me and I say most likely the walking dead world beyond and as far as the ppl that know me they have been In shock everytime I pop on screen I guess it’s the ppl that know you first then the on ones that don’t. I’m far from where I want to be being on The show was a result of me putting my head down and working and taking advantage of every opportunity that comes my way and hopefully other great things will come from being on TWDWB.


- The fans always hoped that Rick Grimes would appear in the series at the end. Did the actors also hope that it would come to that?
Seeing Rick being incorporated into the show was a hope of many of ours but being a TWD fan was hard to see that happen unless it will be brief and a spin off that Rick may be involved in.

- What will we see next from you? Any projects/movies/series?
I’m always working and doing something to advance myself in this industry. Not too long after Twdwb I was booked on a new HbO limited series called We own this City look out for that coming soon.


- Is there any dream role or actor/actress you would loved to work in the future?
Jamie Foxx is like my idol played sports love singing and acting. Also Michael b Jordan


- Is there anything else you would like to let The Walking Dead World Beyond Fans and your fans know?
Big Thanks to all my fans and supporters and stay tuned join me in my journey and witness my growth share it with the world all love 2323 We All We Got

- Thank you being my guest Bernard M May and best wishes for the future. I hope to see you one day in Germany.

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