Bobby Rice was born on March 14, 1983 in the USA as Robert Quinn Rice. He is an actor and writer, known for The Soul Man (2012),

After Midnight (2014) and Remains of the Walking Dead (2011).
In the Star Trek Universe he is known as Lt. Ro Nevin in "Star Trek Hidden Frontier" and as Peter Kirk in "Star Trek: New Voyages".


- Thank you Bobby for your spontaneous commitment. Can you introduce yourself please?


My pleasure. I'm a Los Angeles based actor from Colorado.  I've worked out in Hollywood for ten years. . I studied at The Groundlings theater in Hollywood and have worked in many sci fi roles, for NBC, CBS, Funny or Die, TV Land, TruTV, etc.

- How did you get your first role in Star Trek as Lt. Ro Nevin?


As I remember Ro Nevin was my first audition.  I answered a casting call for a show called Star Trek Hidden Frontier. Not knowing much about the audition process, I ended up at a house in Altadena, CA.  I arrived early and remember sitting in my car going over the lines. 


When I came inside the house I was greeted by a bunch of friendly folks, and I saw other actors headshots who had just on into read before me sitting on the table.

They had asked me if I would be uncomfortable playing a character that was coming to terms with being gay, and said that I had no reservations.

I read with actor J.T. Tepnapa, felt good about it, said thank you, and was out the door.

About a week later they had called me back to offer me the role.

- Bobby,did you watch the show prior to your casting to Star Trek?


No. I was and am an enormous Star Wars nerd but never spent much time watching Star Trek.  So I began to watch their show, especially the young man whose role I was taking over, and began watching old Next Generation episodes to better familiarize myself with the style.


Sadly I didn't appreciate Star Trek until I was an adult.  When my brothers and sister and I would watch The Simpsons at night, it was always followed by Star Trek Next Gen or M.A.S.H.  Both theme songs became cold reminders that it was probably bed time soon and we had school in the morning.  I've since apologized to both MASH and Next Gen.

- How was it the first time in front of the camera for you?


I remember my first episode being just a few lines at a navigation station.  The entire thing was all green screen.  It was something like "The rear deflectors have taken heavy damage". I sped through my lines nervous to make sure I got them out of my mouth.  The director had come back twice reminding me to slow down.  After about four takes I think I finally was able to relax enough to remember to SLOW DOWN.  It was a good learning process. 

- 2008 you start as Peter Kirk in "Star Trek New Voyages" and when Star Trek Fans hear "Kirk" they are think at James T. Kirk

but who is Peter Kirk?


James Cawley who ran Star Trek New Voyages and Phase II had seen me in Hidden Frontier and thought I would be a good fit for a role in their upcoming episode "Blood and Fire".  So he contacted me and explained what they were going for, and the history of David Gerrold's Blood and Fire script.  I was intrigued and excited for the opportunity to work in upstate New York.


David and I spent a lot of time discussing who Peter was.  And who Peter was to his partner Alex.  Peter's a young, capable, and passionate young man who carries the pain of loosing his family at a young age on his shoulders.  He doesn't fear what is in front of him, but dealing with the fear of his past.  He does love and respect his Captain Uncle, but can't let go of the sad truth that Kirk could save most everyone in the galaxy. Except his own family.


Peter takes all this upon himself when protecting his relationship with his fiancé Alex.  Who are just two people very much in love, and that's all Peter has ever wanted. And he lives with the fear of not only loosing that but that people could discover that fear and see his vulnerability.  Peter and Alex make a great pair.  Peter is the Astronaut and Alex the Astronomer.

- What was the best thing or the funniest moment about working on Set?Is there something special you can share with us?


Having worked with New Voyages a handful of times after that I can say Blood and Fire seemed like pinnacle of collaboration and pure fun.  There were mulitiple nights the cast would gather together under the upstate New York stars and share laughs around a camp fire.  Everyone from the set, the crew, friends from around the Port Henry area would come and gather and have fun.  It was magic.

- 2008 you became a job in "The Liar" as Richie , what can you tell us about?


That was the first of several times working with director and friend Fred Olen Ray.  All I knew about the show was that it was on the LGBT tv channel Here TV.  I was delighted that I got to be part of a show not only about vampires, but I got to play Richie. Who was a bit of an underling, follower, and softie.  The crew of the show could not have been more kind and loving.


I filmed two seasons before the show wrapped.  Season 2 and 3.


Fred and I have worked on many project since including Buck Rogers, Spidora, and After Midnight.  He's an awesome dude.  A true original.

- 2011 you step into the Land of Zombies in "Remains of the Walking Dead" , how was it to work in a Zombiemovie one year after "The Walking Dead" starts?


That was a great opportunity to work with producers Shane and Zach O'Brien.  After which my character O'Brien is named.  It was filmed in Connecticut, and much of it was filmed in an older hotel which they had gotten for filming.  So it was an absolute blast.  I got to dress up and pretend kill zombies!  Are you kidding me!


At one point there was a night shoot downtown.  There were about one hundred zombie extras, flipped over cars, and an old abandoned school bus littering the street.  I was on the back of a big army truck with Lance Reddick next to me, I'm shoot zombies as we pull up to the school bus, hop out and get to kill more zombies.


At that time shows and films like Walking Dead and Zombieland helping fuel the resurrgance of the Zombie genre, it was an amazing experience.

- Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series that you can reveal?


I had a part in a Tara Reid Christmas movie "A Royal Christmas Ball" which will be coming out in December.  And am scheduled to work on the horror film "The Forgotten Bloodline" starting in spring next year.


I've been part of a couple great pilot productions for NBC, that I hope at some point will see potential for future producitons.


I'm also working on something, that I can't talk too much about, that would allow myself and Star Trek New Voyages producer James Cawley to finish a project we had once collaborated on.  Which is very dear to me.  I'm in the process of writing some "connective tissue" to a story; so to speak. Hint. Hint.

- Which role you would love to play in the future?


I love anything that requires heavy character work.  I am always struck and taken away by performers like Day-Lewis or Streep where you find yourself completely lost in their performance.  I also have a weird thing for wanting to play darker characters!  Maybe I just need a hug, I don't know.


I have had some chance to travel for work around the States, Canada, and even Spain.  I would love to do work and collaborate with other passionate filmmakers outside the U.S.

- Is there anything else you would like to let Star Trek Fans and your fans know?


I am sitting here writing this with my beautiful baby girl Ruby who is 11 months old.  She says hello!  And then proceeded to bite my foot.  She is my world.


Star Trek fans are some of the most genuine and sweet people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  I owe them so much gratitude.  The are gentleman in the true sense of the word.  And I feel as a fan base they have often been overlooked by the very people who owe them so much.  Now I get to show my little girl Original Star Trek episodes! (My favorite version of Trek).


And a big shout out to the wonderful and beautiful people and country of Germany!

Bobby Rice Interview