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Brian F. Durkin - Between The Walking Dead , Dirty Cops and a really Nice Guy

Brian F Durkin , An American Actor. Attended the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida (School of Building Construction Sciences). Also has a MBA with a focus in Real Estate from Georgia State University. 

Began his acting career in Los Angeles in 2001 under Howard Fine. His latest projects include Stranger  Things, The Walking Dead, Brockmire and Killing Reagan.


- Hello Brian F Durkin, thank you being my guest here on today.



- Brian you start your career 2001, why would be an actor?  I grew up always interested in Acting but feared it.  I went to college and got my degree in building construction sciences and after working for a year or so, the itch was too great, so I had to scratch it.  I sold my truck, my Harley Davidson, and made the trip from Atlanta Georgia to Hollywood having never acted a day in my life.  Quite a risk, but I’m happy with the results.  



- Some of our Fans maybe see you in AMC´s "The Walking Dead" as one of the Saviors, George. How did you get your role?  I read for the show probably 40 times.  I did everything from getting eaten by zombies to killing them.  My agent at the time got a call from one of the show creators saying they had a perfect role for me.  It ended up being George, the first human that Carl killed.  What an honor ;-)



- Brian ,  did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to

your casting to The Walking Dead?  No to the novel question, but I did watch a bit just to get a feel for the show.  I have two small children so watching anything religiously is tough.  



- Working with Andrew Lincoln , Jeffrey Dean Morgan or one of the Maincast Members will be a dream for every TWD Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys? Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a really nice guy.  Norman and I shot the breeze as we were in hair and makeup together.  He’s a really nice guy as well.  Andrew didn’t work those few days we shot, but he did come to set.  Very nice guys as well.  I think most of the actors that are regulars understood and were very grateful for the opportunity to be on the number one show.  




- But this was just a small step in your career.You also in "Footloose" , "THE CONSPIRATOR" ,"DÉJÀ VU"( with one of the best actor´s in my eyes:Denzel Washington ) and many many more. Whats your personal highlight as 

Movie or series so far?  Obviously working with Denzel was a highlight for me.  We ate crawfish on the ferry boat while shooting Deja’ Vu.  We have a mutual actor friend… Tim Ware, who was in Remember the Titans with him (Ryan Gosling’s Dad) so that made him a bit more approachable.  He is a massive presence and a hell of a guy.  Being directed by Robert Redford in The Conspirator will always be a highlight of my career.  Growing up, The Sting was one of my favorite films so to have him behind the camera directing me was fantastic.  Working on Footloose with Dennis Quaid was great as well.  I played a round of golf with him in Atlanta and had a great time.  All these guys are just normal guys when you get up next to them.  I’ve been very blessed thus far.  



- One of the Best Series today, "Stranger Things" you played a Cop in Capter One. How was it for yourself?  I enjoyed it.  A smaller role for me considering what I’d done up to it, but there might be a chance of a “bring-back”.  I was one of the cops at the opening of Season 2 chasing the number 8 girl in Pittsburgh.  When she meets up with 11 in episode 5 or 6, they are in Chicago, so we never really know what that “teaser” opening will lead to, but we’ll see.  Shawn Levy directed me in “The Internship” with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson so that may have played a part in me getting the role.  Regardless of role size, it’s an honor for a number one show to have you.  Not many get that opportunity.  



- On your IMDb site are some future projects: "Emperor" , Highwaymen and The Legend of 5 Mile Cave. Can your  share some info´s with us? Emperor is about the slave that ran from the south to the north and basically started the Underground Railroad taking shape.  Since it is about a slave on the run, there aren’t a lot of “long” parts.  It was a cameo, but a good one.  The Legend of 5 Mile Cave is a voiceover.  I play Older Tommy and I think I voiceover 25 minutes of the film.  I’ve worked with Gary Wheeler (producer) on 3 projects so far.  He’s been really good to me.  I booked Superfly and The Highwaymen on the same day.  I play the cop in Superfly and there was a scheduling conflict with The Highwaymen, but John Lee Hancock (director of The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock) shifted things around to where I could do both.  I’m very grateful for that because it led to me playing one of the 6 cops that took down Bonnie and Clyde.  Two of the other cops are played by Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson.  Two amazing talents and even better human beings.  Superfly is out now and The Highwaymen will be out March 29th on Netflix.  Make sure to check out me and my Tommy Gun ;-)



- Is there still a dream role that you would love to play?  Yeah, a romantic comedy or something that allows me to smile.  Haha.  I play a lot of dirty cops, bad guys and racists. It’d be nice to show the world that I’m really a nice guy ;-)



- At the last some words for the Fans outside there?  It takes a loooooong time to even get one fan.  I’ll never lose sight of that.  I consider Doris Busalt a good friend via Instagram and hope to meet her one day if I make it across the pond.  Without fans, we have no career.  Acting is service work to me.  I have a real blue-collar approach to what I do and will always carve out time for the people that want to hear about my journey.  As I sit here and type this, I’m reminded that I’m doing this for a fan club in Germany.  That’s crazy to me considering that 18 years ago I didn’t even know if I was good at this.  I’m grateful to you Bernd and everybody that reads this.  I appreciate your interest and hope that I’ve answered everything to your liking.  Tell Doris hello for me and I hope all is good with the gang.  God Speed my friend.  


Brian F. Durkin












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