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Interview with Carlotta Montanari         13.Dec 2018   Bernd Lorenz

Carlotta Montanari is an Italian-American actress. Born as Carlotta Sofia Montanari in Rimini, Italy, grew up in northern Italy and made her professional artistic debut at an early age by acting and hosting for major national networks while appearing in both commercials and films. 



  Hello Carlotta Montanari and thank you for your time for the Fans.
>>Hello Bernd, it’s a pleasure to be a guest in a European blog so close to my Italian home. Thank you for having me.


Carlotta, the first time I saw you was in the TV series "Rome" directed by Alan Poul. How did you get your role, is there something special you can share with us?  
>>It is a funny story only a few people know about.  At that time, not long after graduated, I was a TV host studying acting and theater. I had a modest acting experience under my belly, and I was told about this stand-in job for the lead actress for Rome.  I volunteered to get the job just to be on the set of a real American movie, breathing that energy and being surrounded by the whole process. It was great, everyone speaking English like it was Hollywood, actors like Ray Stevenson working right there, the whole production was massive, so many people on the set, so much beautiful make-up/costume work. I was fascinated by so much to learn.  After the indoor scenes, the director picked me to act in that little role, and explained what he needed to portray, someone was translating for me. I could’t believe he was even talking to me, it was like day dreaming. They sent me back to makeup and costume. I remember like it was yesterday, we started at 5:45 a.m. in Cinecitta, it was my birthday February 17, a freezing day in Rome.  My costume was a very little rags and sandals, it was cold but the joy of celebrating my birthday like that, on a real movie set was for me the greatest present I could wish for, with a memory that I still cherish.

You played in many series like "Rome", "Los Borgia" , "American Crime Story" and more. What’s your highlight so far?
>>I bring on my journey with me every single chapter of my working experiences, nothing is too small and everything becomes useful later in life looking back.  American Crime Story, what a great project to work on.  I was thrilled to be in an Italian story like Versace.  Again I was catapulted in a different direction, 1974, I have a soft-spot for period pieces because that beauty and poetry of it is timeless.  I was directed by Matt Bomer in a beautiful scene with Edgar Ramirez as Versace.  They are both wonderful actors with a tasteful artistic process, and being directed by an actor like Matt Bomer definitely made our work so much more smooth and in chemistry with each other because of his wonderful sensitivity and work ethic as an actor.  I had the best time on set on Hollywood.  I think Ryan Murphy is one of the most brilliant screenwriter
 of our time.  I felt honored to be part of such a wonderful and successful project.



Recently you wrapped the crime series "Too Old to Die Young" with Miles Teller, William Baldwin, Nell Tiger Free and many more. What can you tell us about the series and Magdalena?

>>Before anything I would like to say that working with a director like Nicolas Refn is probably one of those experiences that measures you as an artist because of his out of the box style.  I am sorry I can't tell you about the series, you will just have to watch it and find out! But I loved working on Magdalena, she is a complex character, very powerful presence to work on. My first day on set was awesome and intense, it was a night shooting, directed by a great director Nicolas in a scene with Miles Teller, I admire them, and I find their careers very inspiring.

One of the best things of having worked in this show is all the amazing women I met, production, crew and cast, incredible artists and people all around



Is there a role or series you would love to work on in the future or an actor/actress you would want to work with?
>>Like I think for most of my colleagues, I aim to work on characters that are more raw and challenging.  I think working in action movies with a strong female role is the dream of many, but I truly enjoy and am drawn to complex characters with depth.  My dream role is the lead role in the next in August Osage County; or the next Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri; or the next Wonder Woman, if they cast my horse too in it!   And of course, it would be quite a journey to work in the next Breaking Bad movie.

Are you currently working on any interesting movie or series that you can reveal to us?
>> I am currently working on my own film project based on a true story, it is about the incomparable and unconditional love between humans and animals.  I will be able to share something next year about it, but I can say I feel I am in the most interesting and creative part of my career and life. 



I know you are a big animal advocate, tell me about your involvement with philanthropy?

>>I grew up with fourteen dogs, horses, and other animals.  I had this fortune of experiencing the beautiful bond between a person and animals since an early age. This passion has never faded away and it made me the person I am today, with the sensitivity and respect for nature and the animal world like I have.  I would like to do more and some day maybe establish my own non-profit for a big cause, at the moment I am a supporter of a few organizations here in California, including Ride-On, Sundancer, Dogs Without Borders, Wolf Connection, and World Wildlife Fund. I am one of the volunteers at Saint Monica’s Catholic Church, I believe in giving back and there are so many initiatives that I believe are very important for us all.


And lastly, some words to your fans?
>>I am very grateful for my journey as an actor and as a person. The things that hurt me the most in life are the things that today I see with a different perspective, I think in fact that those events that I thought I could never recover from are the reason that I never gave up on my dreams. I would like to share also that based on my experience that it is so very important to have faith in life and to be thankful and grateful religiously. I thank very much everyone who has been supporting me in these years and who follow me in my work and accomplishments. Thank you.

Thank you Carlotta and I hope to meet you one day in Germany.

Thank you so much, likewise, my best wishes on your career and life!



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