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Chris Payne - Interview - The Walking Dead

Christopher Payne is an actor, known for The Space Jockey Pursuit (2013), The Mansion (2013) and Bee Sting (2014).

Thank you Chris for your spontaneous commitment for the Fans of


How did you get your role in the AMC Series The Walking Dead?

 I was working on the film In Dubious Battle. A lot of my co-workers there had been on the show as walkers and told me I would be perfect for it. I knew that it was a hard project to get on and only a week after wrapping I saw the call for zombie school. I submitted and got the call an hour later. The next day I was in Senoia and killing it in "class". I also made it on Good Morning America who had a reporter going through the class. It was an incredible experience only outdone by my time on set.


- Chris , did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to
your casting to The Walking Dead?

 I had watched the first season and loved it. I was very busy a lot and somehow lost track of the show. Naturally I had to do a real quick binge of all I missed once I learned I had a spot. I was mainly looking for walkers and learning their movements and actions. I of course love the show and it is strange to go on set and spend time with the actors after you have come to know the characters they play.


  When you watched TWD the first time do you ever think that you will be a part in this series some day?

 I remember watching the first episode and knowing exactly where they were filming. I had been down the roads now littered with burned cars so many times. The show was amazing and I knew I wanted to be on it, but I had other long term commitments with the Hunger Games. After a long run with those guys I finally had a window of opportunity to do TWD and it ended up being my next long term gig.


- Working with Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan or one of the Maincast Members will be
a dream for every
TWD Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys?

 Wow the stories. I have worked with or been killed by most of the main cast remaining since season 6. The cast and crew are one big family. They have been together for years and we see each other more than we do our own families. Not one cast member has the "Diva" attitude. I had a lot of luck being the walker getting killed. My favorite moment is when Andrew stabs me in the eye. It was blazing hot in the middle of a field that day and there were several injuries due to the stunts taking place. It was the scene when you first meet Jesus and he is on top of the truck. Everything was shot out of sequence and Norman nearly knocks himself out when ducking and hit the side of the truck. Then comes my scene. Andy is somewhat co-director when it comes to his action sequences. He has done it so much that he really knows more than any of the directors, except Greg of course. After several takes of the kill, Andy comes in on the final take in full crazy Rick mode and jams the knife hilt into my eye and goes to kill the rest. As soon as they yell cut I couldn't even get off the ground before Andy has me by the shoulders, "Are you all right?"  I laughed and said " yes I thoroughly  enjoyed it"  He then laughed and said" Man I thought I really got you on that one" We all look out for one another and I wish all sets were that way.


How much has the series The Walking Dead influenced your life? Can you


go outside unrecognized ?

 I definitely have made more friends and fans now. It is strange that I had done many other projects with larger roles and yet nobody cared until I was a background actor on TWD. It has an amazing fan base. I am a character actor so I am used to not being recognized. It seems like every project I do I totally change my look. It is strange having to tell people who I am after I have worked with them for months, but that means i am doing my job well. I even have to point myself out to family members who I am. I like being unrecognized sometimes it's a good thing.


Team Negan or Team Rick in reallife or maybe a Whisperer?

 I would definitely be Team Rick. He has a moral compass and so do I. My time alive on the show as a member of the Kingdom was awesome and i could see myself fitting in there nicely in real life.


2016 you work in the Shortfilm "Cheatin Charlie" as Charlie. What can you tell us about this film from Chris Hall?

 I was pleased to have the title role in this short by Mr. Hall. It was his first film and was shot in one location in one night. It centered on a game of poker which ended up being a deadly trap for it's participants. I do a lot of indie films when I can, because it's where I started out and I like to help out local filmmakers as much as possible. Mr Hall now has his second film " This Day Sucks" on the festival circuit now. I expect him to get better and better with each film he makes.


2012 your had a little part in "Flight" with one of my favorite Actor´s "Denzel Washington. Did you work together with him? 

 That was my first ever background gig.  I was very excited to have 3 days watching Denzel do his thing. I studied everything he did. He is an incredible actor and as method as they come. Even after they yell cut, he is still his character, Capt Whip Whitaker. Even when Zemeckis talked to him he referred to him as Whip. You could scream "Hey Denzel!" and he wouldn't even know who you were talking about. That is serious dedication mentally to turn into that character entirely.


Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series


outside "The Walking Dead" that you can reveal?

 I have worked on quite a few projects recently, a lot of DC universe stuff that I really can't talk about due to NDA's. I do have a decent appearance in the upcoming season of BET Tales. I jump around a lot from Christian TV to TWD. I have no comfort zone.



Is there anything else you would like to let The Walking Dead Fans and your fans know?

 Thank you all so much for your support. I was on the verge of giving up acting altogether. After starting my career being a lead in several indie productions, the most popular being Refuge "AKA The Mansion", I went backwards into the world of background acting. It was a shock to me how different the treatment was. I found so much work when the explosion of films here in Georgia began. I lost legitimacy as a real actor, because that's what happens. It wasn't until I did TWD that anyone cared about my work and for that I am very grateful to the fans that lifted me up and kept the dream alive.

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