Dan Payne - Stargate - Warcraft - Star Trek and many more

Welcome The-Entertainment-Junkie.de and Stargate Fans,
today my guest is Dan Payne

Dan Payne was born in Victoria, BC, Canada. Growing up, Dan and his family moved a great deal. His family’s nomadic life enabled Dan and his siblings, brother Josh and sister Cathy, to become the best of friends.

Hello Dan and thank you for your time for the Fans.

- Dan you was a part of Stargate Atlantis.From 2004 -2008 you played differt character, Male Wraith / Kull Warrior / Big Wraith .... How was is for yourself in this times?


I had an absolute blast from the first day to the last!  And still get to enjoy those moments and relive them with the amazing fan base that keeps the show alive through conventions and staying connected!  It was a gift to be able to come back so many times and play so many different characters.

-Your last Stargate job is some years ago, do you miss the Cast and the series?


I do miss the cast and crew!  But the beauty of Vancouver and the acting community is that we cross paths a lot.  I have worked with many cast and crew from SG-1 and Atlantis over the years as well as had a great time with various cast at conventions I’m fortunate enough to attend.  I have had the honor to be directed by Amanda Tapping, Martin Wood, Peter DeLuise and others on many occasions as well.   

-Do you still have contact to some of the Stargate Cast?


I absolutely do!  I get to see and hang out with the Vancouver based cast now and again and we often see each other at auditions or on set.  The cast that are LA based I get to see at cons and on a set once in a while when luck helps our paths cross.

-When Stargate makes another TV Series or Movie will you return when they ask?

I would jump on board in a split second!  It would be a very interesting reunion as we have all taken unique and varied paths.  Some time has passed since last the group would have been together.  There was a fantastic family environment I bet would still exist from the first day back!

-Dan you are not only a Stargate Actor you also in many series and movies like
Primeval , Divine , Supernatural , Once upon a time in Wonderland and many many more. Whats your personal highlight so far?


When people ask that I always say that every day on set is a great day.  I don’t say that to avoid choosing.  I say it because every gig offers something different and I’m grateful for all of it!  I like the drama, the comedy, and the physicality of this amazing job.  There is nothing else on earth I’d rather do!


Dan infront of this Interview you told me that you had a nice little role in the New Star Trek Movie "Beyond" where you interact with Idris Elba. What can you told us about your role,Idris and the Movie?


Well, I can't say much! But I will tell you that Idris Elba is so talented that if you aren't careful you get caught watching him work instead of being present and performing yourself!  And I can also say they spared no expense making this film. There were huge wonderful sets and amazing make up/creatures (loved the creature make up I became!) and wild action throughout!  Looking forward to seeing it!!!

- You also played in the Blockbuster "Warcraft" a Clansmen, how was it work for an epic Movie like this?


It was …epic! ;)  It was a very long shoot – 4 months.  It was also a physically grueling job.  We had training, fight rehearsals and movement coaching every day.  I was in the best shape I’ve been in for years.  The scale of the project was pretty awe inspiring in that everything was done in a big way.  I look forward to seeing the finished product having been there while it was made.

- Dan mostly you play hard Warrior but sometimes you play in Comedy Series too,like "Alice I Think" Was it easy for yourself to jump in your role from Warrior to Comedian and back?


Every job has its own set of challenges but I love that I’ve had the opportunity to play at both ends of the spectrum.  And luckily there’s usually a good chunk of time between those types of roles to shed one before the other begins!

- How many Dan is in your Role as Warrior or Comedian?


I think I Warrior may be in the lead …but only slightly!  The funny roles are starting to come more as I get older and the warrior in me needs a nap.

-What will you do next? Is there something you work at right now? I see on Imdb projects like "Snow:Daughter of Daylight" or "The Plateau".


The Plateau, I think, will be awesome!  I cannot wait for it to come out.  I had a phenomenal time shooting with Robin Dunne (from Sanctuary) and I think our rapport/chemistry worked well for the brother story we were telling!  The other project has yet to be shot.  It’s on hold for now but is also a promising story to tell.

- What does the Man behind the Actor when you have not to work?

I am a father and a husband and always working on trying to get better at those jobs!  I have 2 great kids and a very supportive wife!  So that’s the priority!  But if I get time I love to play hockey.  It’s kind of my last physical sports outlet…for now!

-At the last some words to your fans?


I am always blown away that I have friends/fans who are so kind and supportive!  I cant thank them all enough for always having my back and making me feel proud to do this job I love.  They maybe don’t know it but on those tough days when you need a little boost, it’s the fans that help you get through that tough day!  SO THANK YOU!

-Thank you Dan Payne and i hope to meet you one day in germany.


Let’s make it happen!  Is there a convention there soon?  If I can get invited we will go for coffee!!!