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Danni Catanese Interview - I wanted to be a smuggled like Han Solo

Danni Catanese is an actress and know for For Heaven's Sake (2021), Pam & Tommy (2022) und Alice and the Egg (2019) and The Mandalorian (2023)

- Thank you Danni for your time for the Fans.



- The dream of every fan is to be in Star Wars. How did you get cast for The Mandalorian?

I got a call from a casting director who I had worked with before. She told me there was a production looking for a female who had experience acting with prosthetics on. She wouldn't tell me what the show was which always means it's a big one. I went in for costume fitting and I realized right away what show it was. I'm a life-long Star Wars fan so I was VERY excited!

- Among other things, you played a Twi'lek Drummer in The Nevarro Band. Were you a Star Wars fan before you got cast?

Yes! As a child I decided to become an actress because of the original Star Wars movies. When I saw The Empire Strikes Back I wanted to be a smuggled like Han, when I saw Return of The Jedi, I decided I would be a Jedi like Luke. Haha! The writers actually call our band the Nettle Band.

- Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?

So many! But here is one… the director told us to pretend to play a song but do not make real noise with the instruments as it will mess up the other actors dialogue. The only other direction he gave us was the song would be a slow melody. So as a band we knew we had to keep the same melody, if we didn’t it would look fake. Together we decided the moment the director called “action,” we would quietly whisper Elton John’s Rocket Man to keep the same rhythm. When you see us, that’s what we’re actually playing.

- With a role in Star Wars comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first star wars fan experiences?

I’ve been really surprised and humbled by the amount of outreach from Star Wars fans like myself since The Mandalorian season 3, episode 1 has come out! This is my first experience being on the receiving end of our community of super fans.

- When was the time you knew you wanted to be an actress?

After I saw The Empire Strikes Back, that’s when I knew. I watched it over and over again until I had all the lines memorized.

- Before The Mandalorian you worked in "Pam and Tommy" , "Hannibull World" and some other projects. Is there something special you would love to do i the future?

I’m also a big fan of good and original SYFI like Stranger Things or, one of my recent favorites Dark on Netflix so something like that. But really, I’m a comedian by nature so a sitcom would be amazing.


- Thank you for your time Danni Catanese! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?

Thanks so much for everything! I’m as excited about Star Wars and The Mandalorian as any other fan. So when I’m on the set of a Star Wars project I’m there representing all the fans all over the world just like you guys. May the force be with you!

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