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David Lee Hess Interview - Fear the Walking Dead

1. You started your acting in 2010 in movies like "Ted Ankrum for Congress (Short)". When was the time you know you want to be an actor?


I began acting without knowing I was acting. I performed in a band in Austin, Texas called Supersonic Uke (You can find their album Seriously on Spotify) as a character named “Dirty Baby.” I committed fully to the character but never thought of it as acting. I began performing improv comedy shortly after and was cast in my first feature film, For Serious. That was the beginning of my journey.

2. After spots in "Dallas" and "Timeless" you get an role in "Revolution". How did you get Cast for your role as Gas Mask Patriot / Catatonic Man?


A prominent casting director in Austin named Beth Sepko cast me in both Dallas and Revolution. She’s a real champion of local actors.

3. The series never comes to an really end and the fans, inclusive myself , still wanna see an third season. What do you think about?

Agreed !!

4. 2019 you come to Fear the Walking Dead in the Episode "You still here" as Bleeding man". Were you a fan of TWD Universe before you get cast?


I was familiar with the show and a few of my friends had worked on it (Peggy Schott, Austin Amelio) but I hadn’t watched it.

5. With a role in FTWD comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first The Walking Dead fan experiences?


Even with my relatively small role in FTWD, fans have reached out to tell me they enjoyed the character. They’re incredibly supportive.

6. You worked only in this episode. Would you have liked to see more of your character or a spot in "Fear the Walking Dead: The Althea Tapes"?


Of course !! Unfortunately – SPOILER – my character dies at the end of the episode. Unless we dial back and see him while he’s still alive, I’m afraid my time on the show has passed.

7. You get a role in "Stoneheart". What can you tell us about the series and Mr Darius?

I’ve worked with producers from CRYPT TV a number of times. They’re a fantastic group of people, and Mr. Darius was a fun character – both helpful and sinister at the same time.

8. Over the years You played in many series/movies. What’s your highlight so far?

I’ve had the opportunity to direct a short film called Fetish – which I also wrote and performed. That process was one of the highlights of my career. 

You can watch Fetish here:

9. Is there a role or series you would love to work on in the future or an actor/actress you would want to work with?

Given my Oklahoma and Texas roots, I’d love to work on a western-type series.

10. Are you currently working on any interesting movie or series that you can reveal to us? Recently I did a short scene with Al Pacino in Hunters. I’m sure I’ll never forget that.

In closing, some words to your fans?

Hello beautiful people. I look forward to seeing your gorgeous faces very soon.  

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