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Dean Aylesworth Interview - Batman's nemesis Rā's al Ghūl is my latest dream

Dean Aylesworth was born as Dean Dennis Ian Aylesworth. He is an actor and producer, known for Mr. Sumbody, The X-
Files and Stargate: SG-1

- Thank you Dean that you spend some time for your Fans here



Q. How were you cast ? 

A. I was given an opportunity to audition for the role ... my agent submitted me. 

I hadn't been told much about the character and the script for the audition only had two pages. I had been told words like Regal and god like and arrogant...  encouraged by the casting to be confident that I can do it.!  The audition won me the part. I'm very grateful for the opportunity and to Sean the casting assistant at the time. 


Q. When I look back 14 years ago how was it to work on Stargate?

A. When I think it's been 14 years ago! I still remember the first moment I had been officially cast I was welcomed as a new family member.. from being fitted for custom contact lenses to the amazing hand crafted Anubis cloak and everything else made for me. I enjoyed myself so much because everyone was enjoying themselves as we worked together...everyone. It set a standard for me... "Have fun we are doing what we love".


Q. Tell us about Mr. Sumbody

A. I really like the character of Jacob Sumbody he is journalist set 30 years in the future... our climate affected world means daylight is dangerous and the night is our new working wakefulness. Jacob stumbles upon and reports on a very crazy street drug the results are... 

I wished the project came to a suitable conclusion extended a little longer to get into the meat of it. I learned alot.


Q. The X-FILES in 1996-1998 how was it to fulfill a sci-fi fans dream and star as Young Bill Mulder on the #1 television series at the time? 

A. My time on the X-Files was so very satisfying. I built working relationships with Kim Manners and Chris Carter was supported and encouraged by everyone on the project as well. Sadly I didn't get to work on camera with Gillian Anderson or David I was in the past his father ... I did get to meet some amazing people I still call friend to this day. I was a server at a chain restaurant  Hard Rock Cafe Vancouver at the time in my early 20's while the X-Files was being filmed. I wasn't generally recognized but for a few times. Ha ha. 


Q. Personal highlight so far and why.?

A. My personal highlight has been the journey of my soul. so far.  and the results I've felt so far. To have recoverd from a 35' fall off a roof while I was running a window washing company in 07... 18 months of surgerys and physical therapy then bankruptcy and then the death of my mother in August 08. I found a personal strength I didn't know existed. Gratitude to be grateful to recognize what I am grateful for instead of my worries. To focus on my being grateful showed me ... Lots of people that were grateful of my work so far. I was welcomed to the family by my co-stars encouraged to sit with them on panels and in interviews.  I found The Stargate Fandom and an acknowledgement of my struggle with encouragement for the future... I know it's going to sound silly...but I'm so very grateful and honored to be a part of such an amazing group of human beings. 


Q. Dream role and what actor/actress would I just die to work with.? 

A. My own feature film as Batman's nemesis Rā's al Ghūl is my latest dream. My ambition will not allow me just one dream role so I have several project ideas I would be able to encompass the characters in!! another is to play Humphrey Bogart in a bio film ... I have a vision of working with Jack Nicholson he looks so very much like my late father and I look up to him so much... 


Q. Are you currently working on anything interesting? Movie or series that you can reveal? 

A. I am so very lucky to have a plethora of creative people and stories I am working with currently. I am scheduled to shoot a feature film in October "Four Father's" an intense drama/action film. 

We are in various stages of development on a event series/mini series... a true story of a hero that everyone everywhere needs to know about but that I can't talk about too much. Also the possibility of a lead role in a new sci-fi series is on the table. Potential for magic is everywhere. 


Dean Aylesworth 


Thank you very much for your time Dean and all the best for the future and
maybe see you someday in Germany.





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