Dickey Beer - Interview with the Star Wars Actor and Stuntmen


Dirk Yohan Beer, otherwise known as Dickey Beer, worked as a stunt performer on Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi He portrayed four different roles which were that of Barada, Sergeant Junkin, a Stormtrooper and a Biker Scout who was tackled by Ewoks. 

and Gamorrean Guard, Boba Fett

Thank you Dickey Beer for your time for this little interview.

- You played in one of the biggest SiFi movies of all time,Star Wars, Can you tell how you got cast for Star Wars And how did you get your part assigned?
I was at Elstree film studios in England, visiting a friend, the friend introduced me to Peter Diamond, the Stunt Coordinator on Return of the Jedi.

He asked me if I was free to work on the movie, I started working on the movie that day.

- What do you remember most of you work as Actor or Stuntman in Star Wars?Is there a special or funny moment?

There were a lot of funny moments, falling in the Sarlacc Pit was a stunt by itself but after the fall we landed on a Air Bag, which was located onder the Pit, in a dark room, the only cool place around, as the Air Bag deflated you had to watch out for Scorpions and Ratle Snakes, and run for your live.

- What was it like meeting  and working with Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill?

Fun they are really nice people, the cast and crew were one big family, we were all staying in the same hotel, and party a lot after working all day.

- When you look at the Star Wars Universe and see all the fans they know you, have an Autograph,Photos with you and all the things ,what do you feel about it?
I think its great, there is or has been no other franchise that had such a impact on so many generations.

- You were nominated for two World Stunt Awards for your work on Terminator III.How does it feel?

It tells me that people like my work, it feels good to be awarded for doing what you love.

- Dickey you still in work, next we will see you as stuntdriver in the next Jurassic Park Falling Kingdom, thats right?

Yes I took part in the scenes with the Gyrosphere. 

-Thank you Dickey Beer and when you would you can say some last words to your fans.

All I can say to the fans, is, If it wasn't for the fans liking my work, I would not be were I am right now.