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Ring name: Domiziana Roy


Date of birth: March 5th, 1989


Height: 164cm


Birth place: Turin, Italy


Debut: March 10th, 2018


Trained by: Corvo Bianco and Fabio Ferrari aka "Red Devil". Several seminars with Marty Jones, Tom LaRuffa, Chris Silvio and Tajiri.


Finisher: Sunset flip bomb


Signature moves: Double springboard jawbreaker/ DDT/ Leglock curb stomp/ Revers kneeling facebuster


Homepage: facebook: Domiziana Roy Wrestling

                    Domiziana Roy - Wrestling Gears

          instagram: @domiziana_roy


-Thank you so much for your time, we're always delighted to be able to introduce talents for the "Pro Wrestling Interview Series Tour 2019".


Thanks for having me.


 -When and how did you get into Pro wrestling?


It's a long story. I was almost 24 and I needed a job, unfortunately here in Italy it's not so easy to find one. I'd been watching wrestling for many years and, at the time, I learned from wrestling magazines that there were promotions in Italy so a thought came to me: "I've a degree in fashion design which means I can sketch out and create clothing items. Wrestlers wear costumes so, maybe, I could try and work in this direction". I started sending emails and the president of one of the first promotions born in Italy answered me. My first customers were the Italian champion and the European women's champion of the time, also Italian. So I became the first and still the only pro wrestling gear maker in Italy.

Then, as I was browsing the promotion's website I saw that they had recently opened a school in Turin and it was around an hour from my house. I'd never thought of becoming a wrestler, especially because of my weight, at that time I suffered from anorexia and I had not practiced sports for years. 

I saw that the head trainers were Corvo Bianco and Red Devil, I knew them from the magazines and it convinced me to get out there and try.

So, without actually having any idea what I was doing, I got on a train and went to training. it was a long journey, especially because of my illness but it was absolutely worth it. In fact, thanks to wrestling I was able to treat my anorexia and recover from it.


 -When you started wrestling did your family and friends support your decission or were they rather sceptic?


When I started training they were all incredulous and skeptical. It was something completely different from what I used to do. Some laughed, others just didn't believe it. My /then boyfriend tried everything to stop me but he never succeeded. My mother wasn't happy either, she thought it was too dangerous and she tried to convince me to give up using the "it's a man's thing" excuse. She got the opposite result. In fact I continued, even more determined to show that "man's thing" was bullshit and that I was as capable as the the boys I trained with. When I told her I was going to make my debut, I think she had a heart attack (haha). She always wanted a ballerina daughter and I do intergender wrestling matches instead.


-Can you still recall your first training sessions?


Yes, I actually was panicking while on the train for Turin because I knew I was going to be the only girl in the school, I was shy, very thin and not exactly suitable for wrestling. I also hadn't played sports for years so I was afraid of people finding me ridiculous. But instead, when I arrived I was well received. My brother accompanied me that day and we were immediately greeted by Corvo Bianco and another trainee. I went to get ready for training and soon after I met Devil. We started warming up, at that time we had a boxing ring. Being my first lesson I was coached by Corvo for all the training, he was super kind and explained everything really well. That first lesson actually went quite well, we worked hard but everyone was very friendly. I had a lot of fun and I didn't look bad. Or so I was told (ahaha). Another good thing about it, is that I actually met my future boyfriend. As a matter of facts, me and Corvo Bianco started dating a couple of years after that first lesson and now it's been three years since we started living together.

Wrestling has really changed my life for the better.


-And what was it like to wrestle in front of a live crowd for the first time? Were you nervous?


I was nervous during the entrance but when the match started I was calm.


-Do you have a "dream opponent" you want to fight above all others?


No, I don't have a real dream opponent. I'm interested in getting in the ring with anyone who can teach me something.


-Do you have Pro Wrestling idols, maybe people who have influenced your in-ring style? Or Childhood heroes?


I started watching wrestling when I was 14/15 so I wasn't exactly a child. I didn't like it when I was a child. The only memory I have is these two giant guys in black trunks beating each others, they were very slow.  

Maybe I was 5 years old, I don't remember who they were, or for what promotion they worked. I don't even know if it was on TV or VHS. I just remember that they didn't impress me, then in 2004/2005 wrestling became quite popular in Italy and I saw Eddie Guerrero. He was the person who made me change my mind about wrestling. "Lie, Cheat and Steal" was so much fun, watching him live was fantastic. Today there are several wrestlers whose work I admire, Charlotte and Meiko Satomura for example. I also appreciate Pete Dunne, Tyler Bate, Jack Gallagher, Drew Gulak and Crazzy Steve, for different reasons.

I don't know if anyone has actually influenced my style, I try to build my own and try to be different from the others.


-Wrestling Fans love funny or thrilling road stories. Do you have one for us you can share?


In 2014 Corvo and Devil had obtained a booking in Switzerland, in Delemont. I went with them to record the event. It was mid-May and it was almost summer here in Italy, it was very hot so we were already wearing t-shirts. We left for Switzerland and once out of the San Bernardo tunnel it was winter, there was snow on the sides of the road. As soon as they arrived at the place of the show it started to rain even though the weather forecasts said otherwise. The show ended earlier than we expected, as in Italy they start and fininsh later. 

Outside the building there was a fast food but we didn't stop because it was too early for us to have dinner, we eventually stopped in a motorway restaurant but they only had desserts left and we didn't want to have those for dinner 'cause it wouldn't have been enough. We left and at that point the rain turned to snow and it started snowing harder and harder. The next motorway and gas stations were all closed because in Switzerland the shops close earlier than in Italy, reason why the show had ended so early. So we found ourselves in the Swiss mountains, in a blizzard with nowhere to go and nothing to eat. It was a long trip, we had to proceed very slowly because the car slipped on the icy road and in a few spots along the way, the guard rail was missing. We arrived in Italy around 4.30 in the morning and then is when we're actually able to eat (A sandwich that sucked, haha). Now if I think about it I laugh, but at that moment I really thought I could've died because of wrestling.

But not even for being in a match, just to record it, hahaha!


-When a booker or company from your Country or around the world will book you, where can they contact you?


They can contact me on my facebook page, Domiziana Roy Wrestling.


-Thank you very much for your time, do you have some words for your fans?


Thank you all, keep supporting women's wrestling and Italian wrestling.



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