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Eric Walker Interview - Between Ewoks , Music and The Mandalorian

Eric Walker is an actor, known for "The Ewok Adventure" and "Ewoks: The Battle for Endor".

- Thank you Eric for your time for the Fans.

- You startet your career 1982 in "The Circle Family" , what moved you to become an actor?

My mother always wanted to see her children in movies and on television. We live in Sherman Oaks, CA which is about 10 miles away from Hollywood and North West of Los Angeles. I had remembered that and used to play American Football when a local fast food chain asked us to be in a commercial for Jack In The Box. Sadly, she died before the commerical was released. But wanting to fulfill her dreams and thinking she was in heaven watching down on us, I asked my dad for years to let me become an Actor. After doing this for about 3 years he finally thought I was serious enough so he let my sister Theresa who had a  friend that was an Actor and went to school with for phone numbers to Agents. The first Agent she called asked to me me and like me so much she signed me up as my first agent. That was the Beverly Hecht Agency.  


After going on a few auditions and no results the Agent thought it would be good if I went to learn mire about acting and she introduced me to an acting teacher Virgil Frye. Virgil Frye was a bit well known character Actor who was friends with Marlin Brando, Jack Nicholson, Paul Newman and Dennis Hopper who he helped make the film Easy Rider. 

I studied with Virgil for about one year before getting the firs role in the NBC pilot “The Circle Family”

In the Circle Family, I played the part of Morris who was the friend of the lead character played by Barret Oliver famous for the movie The Never Ending story. The show was never picked up so we only did one episode.


- 2 Years later you step as Mace into the Star Wars Universe in the first Ewok Movie.  With a role in Star Wars comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first star wars fan experiences?

My first Star Wars fan experience was being invited to a Trilogy screening on the 10th anniversary of A New Hope in 1987 in Hollywood. It was also the first time I saw A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. Return of The Jedi, I ahead seen many times before in 1983 before we did the Ewok movies. We were supposed to do a third Ewok movie but that never happen.

- 1985 comes Ewoks: The Battle for Endor the second movie , could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?

There were more stories from Caravan of Courage. the Battle For Endor I missed meeting Michael Jackson by a couple days. He visited the set while taking a tour of ILM to discuss making Captain Eo. Warwick Davis teased me about it because we were both big Michael Jackson fans.


Wilford Brimley I heard caused a lot of problems and would not work with the Directors so Joe Johnston was brought on to direct all his scenes. 


The Ewoks and Mauraders played a basketball game and the Ewoks won because of a rule where the ball had to bounce one time before they were allowed to go after it. Most of the Maursders were professional Basketball players on the Sacramento Kings.

- Did you watched the New Star Wars Movies and The Mandalorian Series? When yes, what do you think about?

The Mandalorian series is Star Wars in the true sense. It is being made by People like Dave Filoni who learned everything Star Wars from George himself. Jon Favreau is a brilliant writer and creator.

He is a big Star Wars fan and even said he got a lot of inspiration from Caravan of Courage and the Ewok movies. With this duo we are in Good hands for years to come. I think it’s time Mace Towani return because after all we never saw him die. 

- With "The Mandalorian" is Star Wars back to the top and if i look at the timeline, an appearance in the series would be possible if i'm not mistaken. Would you come back as Mace when Disney calling?

Mace never died in my book. He life monitor was destroyed and he was baldly injured. I think it’s possible Wicket found him later. Maybe he lived on the Forrest moon of Endor and later found his way to Black Spire outpost. Last I heard he was seen there.

- You still visit Convention as Starguest, how does it feel after all the years the fans still wanna see you for photo´s , autograph´s and smalltalk?

I find it an honor and I am humbled that people

remember the Ewok movies. We worked very hard to make them special. It looks like when Covid is over I maybe making an appearance in September at Power of The Force Convention. 

- 1986 - 2006 you played differnt role´s in Movies and Series , What was you favorite and why?
Playing the little brother of Robert Downey Jr in Less Than Zero. In the only scene that was not cut out of the movie, I can say I beat up Iron Man before he became Iron Man. 

- What is Eric Walker doing right now in his life?

I compose music mostly now. I have three albums of music out they are called Tangier Dream, Universal Delight and Brand New Day. In the summer 2021, I have a new album coming out.

- Is there something special you would love to do in the future?  A special role or actor to work with?

I would not mind making a small cameo appearance in The Mandalorian, Rangers of the New Republic or Kenobi. It can be even as a storm trooper or Ranger. It would be wild if it’s Mace but that does not matter. It can be as any character even in heavy prosthetic make-up. I can do a lot of voices as well even Babu Frik voice. So voice over work I would welcome in any of the new Star Wars animated shows.

- Thank you for your time Eric Walker! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?

Thank you to the best fans in the universe. Reach for the stars and live your dreams, but remember the force will be with you always.

Here is a link to one of Eric´s songs called Return to Endor  

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