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Erica Duke Interview - I became more of a fan when I watched season one and two of Mandalorian

Erica Duke is an actress and known for Mark of the Rougarou (2020), Super Shark (2011) und Aquarium of the Dead (2021) and The Mandalorian (2023)

- Thank you Erica for your time for the Fans.

- Among other things, you played the Band Member Gran in The Nevarro Band. Were you a Star Wars fan before you got cast?
Truthfully I became more of a fan when I watched season one and two of Mandalorian. But I always found it fascinating what a creative world Star Wars is and how these films were originally made. It’s mind blowing the world that George Lucas created and brought to life in the 70s!


- Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes as Band Member Gran in The Nevarro Band ?
So it was hot filming some of these scenes one funny thing they do for me on set is put a small little fan in the creatures mouth so it helps keep me cool


- When was the time you knew you wanted to be an actress?
I knew I wanted to be an actress I swear it was the day I was born. I would study films and got involved in theatre as soon as my school put on a play. Before that I was making up movies and getting my friends to play along with me.

- Before The Mandalorian you worrked in "Aquarium of the Dead" , "Superstore" and some other projects. Is there something special you would love to do i the future?
For the future I want to continue making films. I love acting I always tell everyone it’s the best job on set since I also have Line Produced, been a UPM, and directed. (Okay directing is also fabulous!)

- What can you tell us about the Post Production "Unhallowed Country" and your work?
The Unhallowed country is my full feature directorial debut. Currently this film is being edited and I am so excited for the release of this horror film. Such amazing actors and a crew with a heart of gold worked on this. So stay tuned the release date will be sometime this year!


- Thank you for your time Erica Duke! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?
Always remember to follow your heart. It will take you on some wild adventures and you never know what doors will open for you to find your calling and the lovely people you’ll meet along the way!

- Thank you and i hope to see you some day on a German Star Wars Convention.

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