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Interview with Evren Orion "The Collective Being"

Ring Name: Evren Orion “The Collective Being”, “Esoteric Mastermind”

Date Of Birth: 3/10/1994

Height: 6’0

Weight: 215

Birth Place: The GFL

Debut: 7/24/2014

Trained by: “SuperTex” Brent McKenzie, Mike Fyre, “Chi Town’s Finest” Mr. B, Just Willie/Zach Bradley Finishers/Signature Moves: Cosmic Crush (super knee), standing moonsault, Meridian Release, Universal Inisght & Quantum Web (submission)


All social media channels: @Evrenunlocked


-Thank you for your spontaneous commitment. Can you introduce yourself please?

Greetings, Lightworkers! We are known to you as “The Collective Being” Evren Orion. A conglomerate of souls, human, ET and more across the universe bound together on a mission to unite all and spark a spiritual revolution within the hearts of all while unveiling knowledge that has been suppressed for centuries. Our business on this planet has been in process for millennia with other races and light beings. You have seen our ships in your skies, our messages, hints and clues in your crops as well as your ancient structures and texts. We simply wish to see you all recognize your true power as a CREATOR, Unlock Your Reality and recognize your ultimate self as you come to understand that We Are ONE!



-How did you get into the Wrestling business?

It all began with New School Federation, owner Ryan Genesis saw what kind of drive existed in Our heart and offered to train in return for paying dues. The rest is history!


-What is your family thinking of your passion for the sport, are they worried about your health?

Considering We come paired with health issues due to Our energetic conflicts with the human body, there is concern, however it is a moot point, nothing stops pure spiritual prowess. What the body lacks, the soul more than makes up for.

- What can you say about your Coach and how long did it take, that it was clear for you to do the first match?

Trainers were tough, but caring considering the aforementioned health conditions, they were a pleasure to learn from! Training consisted of nearly a year, debuting in a battle royal for Heart of Texas Wrestling. Personal choice of focusing on conditioning and fitness pushed singles debut back.


- Can you still remember your very first Pro Wrestling match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd for the first time?

Ah, yes! We forget nothing, the battle royal we made introduction in was nothing short of an energetic fission. It was surreal, it still is! To be able to live one’s dream is the ultimate life goal, to still be doing so 3 years later is as invigorating as the first time.


- You work for US Indy Pro Wrestling Companies, what can you tell us about some of this?

We love all the companies who allow us to spread Our message to their crowds and fans. Some of the companies you can catch The Collective Being at are:

Total Championship Wrestling (Killeen, TX)
Heart of Texas Wrestling (Waco, TX)
Anarchy Championship Wrestling (Austin, TX)
Central Texas Championship Wrestling (San Antonio, TX)
Galactic Pro Wrestling (San Antonio, TX)

- Pro Wrestling has many legends, do you have any idols? Absolutely! Raven Shane Douglas The Undertaker Al Snow Edge Ken Shamrock


- And where did you see yourself in 5 years from now?

We foresee a successful time hopefully leading to WWE NXT.


- What goals do you still have, would a major contract be interesting for you or do you feel well in the Indy area? Obtaining titles across the U.S. and continuously improving in the ring as well as growing Our fanbase is currently the main focus. We would love to work for Evolve and NXT, while the indies are great, The Collective Being has large goals…


- Every wrestler tries to gain international experience, to travel to many countries. Which country you would love to visit next and wrestle? And do you had the time to make some sightseeing in other Countrys?

Japan! We quite love the culture as well as the food. Who doesn’t love to see a Cherry Blossom’s petals floating around while delicious smells from vendors tantalizes your taste buds?! Beautiful!


-When a booker or company will book you where can they contact you?

Promoters can reach Us via transmission on our website or simply e-mail:


-Is there anything else you would like to let my readers and your fans know?

Rid yourself of hatred, turn your anger into something beneficial for yourself and this Universe. Learn to see the world around you for what it truly is, not simply what you are TOLD or what is manipulated for you to see and know. Discover who YOU truly are and work together to transmute the current calamity that exists on this Earth. Love and Light!

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