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Ring name : Harley Harris.
DOB : 07 April 1987.
Height : 5'7"
Weight : Never ask a lady her weight...
Birth place : Leek, Staffordshire, UK.
Debut : House of Pain Wrestling, Nottingham. November 2014. Vs Felony.
Trained by : Stixx.
Homepage :


What made you want to become a wrestler?
I have my cousin to thank for my love of wrestling. He was a big fan when he was younger. I got into into it during the Attitude Era, and I would be fascinated by it, especially Lita and the Hardyz. Unfortunately when my cousin moved abroad I stopped watching. It wasn't until I moved to university and met my (now) husband that I got back into wrestling. He was looking for a school to continue his training and he discovered Stixx and the House of Pain academy in Nottingham. Every week I'd go along and watch him train, and every week Stixx would ask if I was going to join in. I have a history in jujitsu, but never considered getting in the ring myself. Eventually I gave in and did it just to stop him asking. I loved it, and the rest as they say is history

Do you remember your first training session and who has trained you so far?
As above, my first ever session was at the House of Pain academy with Stixx, and I took part just to stop him asking me to! I was made to feel at ease and thoroughly enjoyed it... until the next morning when every part of my body ached! It took me a while to get used to, wrestling wasn't something that came easy to me. I have also frequently trained with WWE UK Star Joseph Conners, and am fortunate in that House of Pain regularly has guest trainers, such as Bram, James Storm and even Jim Cornette.

Do you recall your first match? And what was it like to wrestle in front of a live crowd for the first time?
My first match was vs Felony around Christmas 2014. At the time we were the only two females at our training school. The show was just a small show for fellow trainees, friends and family. The match itself was awful; I was incredibly nervous and at one point mid-match we stood looking at each other not knowing what to do next. Luckily we are now far more experienced! My first proper match after that was an intergender tag match a few months afterwards. Even now, I still get nervous before a match - you never lose that feeling. But as soon as you make your entrance and the crowd reacts, you get caught up and it feels great.

Which other wrestler would you love to fight?
Dream opponents would be Lita and Nikki Cross. On a more realistic level I'd love to wrestle Viper and Rhia O'Reilly.

Do you have Pro Wrestling idols, maybe people who have influenced your in-ring style? Or childhood heroes?
So so many, far too many to list... I'll always love the Hardyz & Lita for first getting me hooked on wrestling. I adore Stone Cold Steve Austin, he will always be my favourite, as well as the Undertaker.
As for people who have influenced my style, I'd say I have the "take no shit attitude" and brawling style of Stone Cold Steve Austin, the powerhouse style of Beth Phoenix and the fire and intensity of Edge.

Did you have matches that will always stay a highlight for you?
The companies I wrestle for are all currently in the process of building their womens divisions. I am proud to say that I have been a part of some pretty important matches for these promotions; first women's singles match, first all female tag, first all female royal rumble...

What do you do when you are not a wrestler?
I'm a store manager in retail.

Can you tell us an interesting funny or thrilling road story?
Me and my husband had a "best of three" series of matches against each other. It ended in a submission match and we broke the ring....

When a booker or company from your country or around the world wishes to book you where can they contact you?



Do you have some words for your fans?
Oh, I don't have fans...



Harley Harris Interview

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