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Heath McGough Interview - Between Obi Wan Kenobi , Miracle Workersand the Star Wars Family

– Heath McGough is an actor, known for Obi-Wan Kenobi (2022), The Detour (2016) and Miracle
Workers (2019).

– Thank you Heath McGough for your time for the Star Wars Fans.
– Hi. My pleasure.

– Heath, Were you a Star Wars fan before you got cast for Obi Wan Kenobi Part I as Foreman Groff

–I actually wasn't. I had never seen Star Wars before being booked for the role. My wife and her family
are huge Star Wars fans and have teased me about it for a long time. After finding out I was booked for
Obi-Wan, my wife took me to a Star Wars marathon at a local theater. I really fell in love with the whole
story. I was really surprised at the comedy in the films. I hadn't expected that.

– Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes in the
2 episodes you worked?

In Episode one, I remember walking onto the set and just being overwhelmed by how real everything felt.
I believe it's called The Volume. It wasn't hard to believe you were really on Tatooine. I also got to meet
and work with Ewan McGregor on this episode, which was such an honor.
In Episode six, we were shooting in the middle of the desert in the middle of summer. I was sweating so
bad. They had to towel me off between each take. They took good care of me though.

– With a role in Star Wars comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first star wars fan

I was really surprised by how many people reached out to me. I definitely underestimated how big the
Star Wars family is. So many “friends” from high school that I haven't talked to in years were contacting
me to say how much they loved it. Everybody has been super nice.

– Heath you also work with Daniel Radcliffe in Miracle Workers in many episodes as Gorgeous
Pete. What can you tell us about Pete and working with "Harry Potter"?

Miracle Workers is such a fun and unique show. Gorgeous Pete just wanted to be rich and make the boss
happy. I don't think he is real intelligent though. I really enjoyed creating him and living in his goofy
My first interaction with Daniel Radcliffe was when I was getting ready to shoot a scene with the
bandits and right before the director called action, someone said hang on. Then I heard someone behind
me say “Let me get that for you big guy.” I turned around and looked down to him tucking in a tag
sticking out of my shirt. I'm 6'4” and well let's say Daniel is not. He patted me on the back and said “Ok
ready!” I turned around thinking, holy shit that was Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Potter just fixed my shirt.
That has to be good luck, right? He is seriously one of the nicest people I've ever met.

– You also worked in so many like The Last Ship , Criminal Minds , Rosewood , The Detour and
many many more. Whats your personal highlight so far Heath?

I have to say Obi-Wan is up there. Getting to work with Daniel Radcliffe and Steve Buschemi on Miracle
Workers was something I won't forget. Steve has always been one of my comedy heroes. He directed one
of the episodes and him coming up to me telling me how much he loved my performance was a highlight
I'll tell my grandchildren about. He's a great director and I really got an education on directing. That
being said, watching Deborah Chow direct Obi-Wan was a masterclass. I adore her.

– Right now you work in Soul Jumpers , Dotty & Soul and The Federation. Something you can tell

These are all independent projects that I really can't say a lot about yet.

– Is there something special you would love to do in the future?
I am getting ready to shoot my first short film that I wrote. I will also be one of the leads as well as
directing it. It's a semi-autobiographical day in the life of an actor that has fallen on some serious hard
times. It's called Chuck and should be out in 2023!

A special role or actor to work with?
I would love to be in a Star Trek show. I have always been a big nerdy Trekky. I also love The Orville. I
think Seth MacFarlane is brilliant and so funny. I love what he has done with that show by integrating so
much of Star Trek and even some Star Wars into it with just the right amount of humor. I'd be thrilled to
get that call.

- Thank you for your time Heath! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?
I just want to say thanks for supporting the series and all the love. Star Wars fans are so passionate and I
am thrilled I got to be a small part in such an amazing universe.

– Thank you and i hope to see you some day on a German Star Wars Convention.
I hope so too! Thanks!!!

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