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Hugh Holman Interview - Between Magic , Swords and an Doctor

Hugh Holman is an English screen, stage, and voice actor from Bath in the UK. He was classically trained and began his career on stage, but has moved more towards film and television in recent years. He is also a published author. Hugh has a passion for natural history.




- You work over 15 years in the business. When did you first discover your passion for the world of Entertainment?


I suppose I have always loved to perform, so it was no great shock that I decided to pursue a career in acting. I am fascinated by all the creative aspects of the entertainment industry, from the initial stages of writing, to watching the finished spectacle. It is a wonderful world in which to be involved.




- 2008 - 2012 you work in one of my favorite fantasy series "Merlin"  Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?



I loved being part of Merlin. It was a great series, and I am still good friends with many of the people with whom I worked on it. One particular memory I have is when there was a break in filming while the crew set up the next scene, and we were ushered into a nearby country pub until they were ready for us. I remember several of us sitting in this lovely room, drinking tea from dainty teacups, whilst in full armour and covered in mud, fresh from battling bandits in the woods. It must have been an odd sight for the other customers in the pub.



- When you look back at this time and your work with Colin Morgan, Bradley James and Richard Wilson. What do you remember most?



It was a long time ago now, but my main memories from it tend to involve sword battles on freezing cold hillsides, or else trying not to trip over tree roots whilst darting through forests. The camaraderie was wonderful, and we all always had a laugh.




- 2013 you also work in "Atlantis with Mark Addy and Jack Donnelly. Is there something you can share with us about your role as Nobleman or a funny moment?


The main thing I can remember from these shoots is how impressive the sets were. Streets, houses, statues, even part of a amphitheatre. It was always interesting just wandering around. As a nobleman, it was fun being in fancy, elegant robes, and swanning around as though you owned the place.




- 2019 you work in a series that many fans would love to work too. Doctor Who with Jodie Whittaker in the episode "Resolution". How would you describe Zak's role in the episode?


I love Doctor Who, so it was wonderful being involved. Zak works for GCHQ and finds himself up against a dalek, which isn’t ideal for him. It’s not ideal for anyone really! 




- When I look at your list of movies and series there are many you work for (Torchwood , Merlin , Atlantis,Doctor Who...). Do you still have a dream of a movie or series you would love to play?


I would love to be involved with House of the Dragon, or any other future series set in the world of Game of Thrones. Many years ago, I did audition for a small role in Game of Thrones, but unfortunately didn’t get it. I also applied to audition to play Harry Potter, so let’s hope when they remake the films, or perhaps make it as a series, I will be the right age to play one of the teachers. Remus Lupin would be my choice.




- Hugh your are not only an actor you also an author. What can you tell us about your book "The Almost Animals" and your work outside the stage?


The Almost Animals is my debut children’s book. It is where my passion for natural history meets my bizarre imagination. I don’t think I can do better than reply with the blurb from the rear cover.


Everyone has heard of crocodiles. Everyone has also heard of alligators. But have you heard of a crocogator? How about an orangupanda or a deerkat? Or a rhinuffalo? These, and other marvellously peculiar creatures, are THE AMINALS! They are animals, they are just a bit mixed up. Angle is a crocogator. But she has a problem. She doesn't fit in with the other aminals. The thing is, a crocodile looks rather like an alligator, and an alligator looks rather like a crocodile. So she doesn't really look like an aminal at all. Angle decides that she must leave Nowhere, the cliff-side village of the aminals, and venture into Elsewhere. But does Angle belong anywhere? She must encounter aminals, animals, and even a furry boulder to find out...



- What does the future hold for you? There a some Post and Pre Production projects on IMDb. Anything you would like to plug to our readers?


I have lots to look forward to in 2023, in the worlds of both writing and acting. I think it’s going to be a very good year.




- Is there anything else you would like to let your fans know?



I am one of the directors of Orangutan Appeal UK — a brilliant charity helping to protect and conserve the critically endangered orangutan, along with other wildlife in Borneo. If anyone would like to support the work that we do, one of the best ways is to adopt a baby orphaned orangutan ( I also design hand-printed clothes inspired by wildlife — — some of the money for the orangutan t-shirts will go straight back


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