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Interview with Indiana Sifuentes - I will always be a Savior from TWD

Indiana Sifuentes is an american actor, known as one of the Saviors in
the AMC Series The Walking

Thank you Indiana for your spontaneous commitment for the Fans of and

How did you get your role  in The Walking Dead as a
member of the Saviors?

I had just moved to Georgia with the intent of being on TWD, possibly as a Walker but I had no idea how to find them. My girlfriend, who is now my Manager, was helping me find work as an actor. She spotted a casting call looking for tough, burly men and submitted me for consideration. We didn’t know at the time that this was for the new Saviors coming into the storyline. To my great surprise I was cast as a Savior on TWD less than three months after arriving in Georgia! I got to work on Negan’s introduction on my birthday!


Indiana ,  did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to
your casting to The Walking Dead?

My dad and I have been fans from day one! It was our way of bonding. I told him I’d be on the show one day and now he gets to watch me on TV. I love TWD.



Working with Jeffrey Dean Morgan (Negan) or one of the Maincast Members will be
a dream for every
TWD Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys?

It has been an incredible experience working with Jeffrey, Andy, Norman, Greg, Melissa, Lauren and everyone else at TWD! Whenever I’m onset, I feel like I’m home. Filming on locations is tough, filled with long hours and often brutal weather but the hardships we suffer, we suffer together, and it brings us all closer together. Practical jokes also bring us together. TWD is family to me and as a fan, it is a beautiful feeling to be a part of it.

How much has the series The Walking Dead influenced your life? Can you
go outside unrecognized ?

Being a part of the #1 show in the world has definitely changed my life. No matter where my career goes, I will always be a Savior from TWD! I don’t go out much but when I do there;s a good chance someone will recognize me. I’ve gotten accustomed to taking selfies with fans and signing autographs. I used to be a dancer so I’m accustomed to meeting fans but not the level of TWD. There is usually a TWD fan in the crowd whether I’m in a restaurant having dinner, a bar having a martini, or at Walmart doing some shopping. I enjoy talking to fans if they take the time to approach me. Buying me a shot of tequila will always get my attention...just kidding. I’ve met a lot of fans that have gone on to become good personal amigos. That’s an awesome and unexpected consequence of being a Savior on TWD.

What was the best thing or the funniest moment about working on The
Walking Dead?Is there something special you can share with us?

I was in a scene where I lead a group of Saviors out of the Sanctuary while Morgan is firing down at us from a tower. There are Walkers everywhere as we run out firing our weapons. In the middle of the scene Greg Nicotero yells out, “What are you doing? Indiana, don’t look down! What are you doing?!?!” When the scene cut, Greg comes up to us and explained, “First of all, I wasn’t yelling at you Indiana, but your name was the only name I could remember at the moment so that’s what I yelled out. As far as you guys, you’re getting shot at by a sniper and you’re taking out Walkers as you’re running. You can’t do that while looking down.” The great part of this interaction was that it confirmed to me that Greg knew me by name and even gave me a huge smile and thumbs up on the next take. He knows who I am and likes what I’m doing. That’s great to me because Greg Nicotero is a badass!



Indiana, you meet many Fans and also many Cosplayer. Some days ago you
meet our German Abraham Double Chris Twellmann. What have you think
when you see him? :-)

I enjoy meeting fans and cosplayers. Everyone has a story. In fact, at Walker Stalker Atlanta 2017 there was a fan cosplaying my character from TWD. I didn’t get a chance to meet him but other fans did and took pictures and tagged me. It was unexpected but fun! I hope to see more fans and cosplayers attending events dressed as their favorite Savior! As far as Chris, we met him as German Abraham and kept running into him at TWD events all over Georgia. Shari and I enjoy his company and consider him our amigo. Chris is loved by the locals, fellow cosplayers and the cast of TWD because he’s freaking AWESOME!



Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series
outside "The Walking Dead" that you can reveal? On IMDb i see some
Post Productions.

Outside of TWD, Shari and I produce #cookingwithindie, a cooking show on Youtube. We take cheap ingredients and show fans how to make delicious dishes with a Mexican twist. Fast, cheap and delicious! We also write and produce #drinkingwithindie which teaches fans how to make tasty cocktails at home. The cookbook and cocktail recipes are both for sale on Amazon and each recipe links to the corresponding Youtube video in case you wanna watch how I did it. Plus, every time we add a new recipe/episode the books are automatically updated for free. Currently, I have a small role in the newly released movie TAG. I play Mexican Jerry alongside Hannibal Burress and Jeremy Brenner. Look for TAG at the movie theatre now. Also, Shari and I just competed filming ONE AFTERNOON, a short story she wrote. Look for One Afternoon at upcoming film festivals. Another intersting project I’m involved in is a Veteran led Grits Western set in the late 1800’s. I play Billy Franks, an enforcer and full-time bully in the American Wild West. The Bounty Hunter is written and produced by Tim Everett. One last project I’d like to mention is BOUND. A full length feature film set to be released by Amazon Prime or Netflix in late 2018. In BOUND, I play a Mexican cartel lord taking over the drug trade in the streets of Atlanta. This film is written and produced by Seth Hendricks and Clit Winters.

Is there anything else you would like to let The Walking Dead Fans and
your fans know?

Muchas gracias to you Bernd for your continued support and allowing me the opportunity to connect with fans through your thoughtful interview. I want to thank the TWD fans for their passion and support of the stories we work so hard to make. TWD fans are the greatest fans in the world and we love you all! I also want to thank fans for their continued support and the wonderful stories that they share with me when we meet. Without you all, I wouldn’t have a career. Gracias from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you very much for your time and all the best for the future and
maybe see you someday in Germany.



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