Welcome The-Entertainment-Junkie.de and Stargate Fans,
today my guest is James Lafazanos

James Lafazanos is a Canadian actor most noted for playing the lead male Wraith character in Stargate Atlantis

Hello James Lafazanos and thank you for your time for the Fans.


You're most welcome. I'm happy to make time for the Fans.


-James you was a part of Stargate Atlantis.From 2004 - 2006 you played differt Wraith. How was is for yourself in this times?

It was a welcome challenge playing the various wraith roles. I enjoyed transforming into the different wraith each morning with the help of the amazing make-up and wardrobe teams. It was my first recurring role on a tv series so there was a lot of aspects of making a show that was new to me. I learned quite a bit and I'm grateful for the experience.




-Your last Stargate job is some years ago, do you miss the Cast and the series?


It was a really great cast and I definitely miss them. For a sci-fi series it had actors with great comedic sensibilities and I thought that was cool. It gave the series a unique appeal, and having a bad ass race of villains certainly seemed to help haha



-Do you still have contact to some of the Stargate Cast?


I am still friends with Dan Payne who played the Super Wraith Soldier. Dan

is the Man! He has a great sense of humour and is just a super nice guy.



-When Stargate makes another TV Series or Movie will you return as Wraith when they ask?


I would definitely be up for it! Especially if the character can crack a joke, even if it's just a joke only his fellow wraith would get haha



-James you are not only a Stargate Actor you also in many series and movies like
"Supernatural" , Battlestar Galactica , Reign , Covert Affairs , The Time Traveler's Wife and many many more. Whats your personal highlight so far?

All the shows I have been on

have been great experiences that I have learned from. Working with Rachel McAdams on The Time Traveler's Wife was pretty awesome. She's the sweetest person.




-What can you tell me about Mary D and the Fansite?


Mary D has been amazing with setting up my fan site. She is very thorough, very nice and has done a really great job. 




-What are your plans for the future ? Is there something you work at right now?


I am auditioning for some interesting comedic projects these days. I can't give any details as of yet but there is some cool stuff coming. I have been doing some djing lately and today here in Montreal is the first day of Mutek festival. So like places like Berlin, techno is also thriving here in Montreal.




-At the last some words to your fans?


Thanks so much for your interest and support over the years! It makes all the difference to know people care about your craft, much love and respect.


-Thank you James Lafazanos and i hope to meet you one day in germany.


Thanks! Look forward to making it to Germany.

Interview with James Lafazanos - Between the Wraith and the TimeTraveler´s Wife

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