Interview with the Miley Cyrus of pro wrestling Ray Lyn Mc Awesome. 


Ring Name:  Ray Lyn Mc AWesome or Ray Cray
Date Of Birth: 10-14
Height: 5'4
Weight: 110
Birth Place: Pittsburgh pa
Debut: OVW
Trained by: Nick Dinsmore , Al Snow, Dylan Bostic 
Finishers/Signature Moves: finisher Ray cray O , signature move the wrecking ball
Homepage: (or FB,Twitter) Twitter @ray_lyn Facebook


-Thank you for your spontaneous commitment. Can you introduce yourself please.
I am the twerk o licious blonde bomb, Miley Cyrus of pro wrestling Ray Lyn Mc Awesome. 



-How did you get into the Wrestling business ?

I was a fan as a child and I trained Martial artist and kick boxer! I knew I wanted to wrestle so I looked for schools and choose OVW 


-What is your family thinking of your passion for the sport, are they worried about your health?
My family is super supportive they love that I am doing what I love and my passion for what I do! 



- What can you say about your Coach´s like Al Snow & Nick Dinsmore and how long did it take, that it was clear for you to do the first match?

Al was great for character development I learned a lot about who I am from him! Nick was a great teacher for the technical part of wrestling! After 6 months I had my first match it was a mixed tag!


- Can you still remember your very first Pro Wrestling match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd for the first time?

Yes. It was an amazing high I couldn't wait to do it again! 


- Pro Wrestling has many legends, do you have any idols?

I have many idols Mickie James is amazing! I always love watching macho man matches! I've also always enjoyed Mick Foley


- I know you just startet some years ago your running in wrestling but Who was your favourite opponent so far and why? Is there anybody you want to fight necessarily?

I have only been wrestling for two years. I got the opportunity to wrestle with Mickey James! Awesome! There are a lot of females I would love the opportunity to wrestle! 


- And where did you see yourself in 5 years from now?

I don't know where I'm going but I'm enjoying the ride


- What goals do you still have, would a major contract be interesting for you or do you feel well in the Indy area?

I'd like to travel! See the  world and what happens happens!


- Every wrestler tries to gain international experience, to travel to many countries. Which country you would love to visit next and wrestle? And do you had the time to make some sightseeing in other Countrys?
I'd love to goto Japan. And maybe Dubai 

 -When a booker or company will book you where can they contact you? or Facebook and Twitter 


-Is there anything else you would like to let my readers and your fans know?
Dream big and follow your dreams 

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