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Jackie Dallas - Interview - Criminal Minds, Stranger Things, Represent....)

Jackie Dallas, was born in Syracuse, NY, to South Korean parents and raised in a multi-generational household until moving to Central Florida at the age of 6. 
Jackie was known for her work in series like “Stranger Things  ,”Criminal minds and many more.


- Thank you Jackie for being my guest here to answer some Questions for the Fans.
“Thank you so much for having me!”


- Jackie, you start your career, so far i know, 2014 with "Not Another Zombie Movie....About the Living Dead 
 . What was the reason that you would be an actress?

“Yes, that was the very first speaking role I had in a feature film and it was such a fun experience to work with a group of indie filmmakers in Chicago. They took a chance on me and for that I’ll be forever grateful! I had wanted to be an actress since I was a child
and as I grew up, I used to believe that was a silly and unobtainable dream…

so I actually went to school for something unrelated to the arts. But then I got very lucky and met a group of enthusiastic filmmakers and I realized that being an actor wasn’t such a
far fetched idea at all… being a celebrity, sure… but being an actor could be treated like a job, just like anything else. And so I dove back in and started dabbling in film while
working full time in Chicago and slowly but surely, I found myself spending more and
more time on sets and figuring out how to really pursue it as a career.”


- 2016 you played a little role in Stranger Things as Jen, what could you tell us about?
“It was a pivotal moment in my early career that I am so grateful for. The audition was a self-tape request and it was titled under a code name at the time, and it was very much an unknown project with very little buzz during development.

Little did we all know what a massive television phenomenon that it would turn out to be. I worked for one day on the shoot and got to meet and work with Randy Havens (who plays Mr. Clarke) and the
Duffer Brothers who were just the nicest people. I was unbelievably excited and trying so hard to be calm on set, but I was just dancing inside getting to finally be on a professional production after so many years of hustling as an actor.”


- How do you prepare for a role when you get it and how much Jackie is in there?
“I prepare for each role differently, depending on what it is and how extensive the character is to the plot. Simple costar and dayplayer characters will take about a day to
go through all of the available scripts and memorize the lines and play around with different approaches, to see which is most authentic not only to myself as the actor, but
also to the storyline. Since these type of roles are not the stars of the show, sometimes a simple ‘less is more’ approach is best appreciated. However, when I get the
opportunity to play leading or recurring roles, I spend weeks going over the script and creating backstories and taking notes on all of the different scenes. The biggest preparation is not just knowing your lines, but understanding the relationship of your
character to all the others in the story.”


- You played also in one of my favorite Crime Series Criminal Minds ,is there something special you remember about the set or the cast?
“That was also one of my favorite experiences as an actress because I spend most of the day in various amounts of makeup and prosthetics which was really cool. Also, my
appearance was a big reveal in this role, so it was an exercise in physical acting rather than saying lines, since you couldn’t see my mouth half the time. The director Marcus Stokes had such a great energy to work with, he kept saying my name on set for fun
and I really felt comfortable with him and it made working together such an enjoyable experience.”


- When you look back at your role´s could you Describe a memorable character you played?
“One of my favorite roles I’ve tackled is from a comedy web series called Represent where I played one of the leads, Tess. Tess is a confident, albiet a little naïve, aspiring
actress in the series and I really loved getting to play a funny character who starts off as a stereotype of a typical pretty girl, but learns and grows throughout the series to be
someone who stands up for her ideals and discovers her worth as a woman and an artist. It really resonated with me as art imitating life with so many of the encounters in
the film being inspired from things that happened in real life. “



- Yes, in Represent you worked with actress and director Emily Ann Scott together.
What is Represent?

“Represent is a very meta feminist comedy webseries about two aspiring broke actresses who are tired of being stereotyped in the industry as shallow, vapid and one
dimensional characters, and so decide to create their own film where they flip societal and Hollywood gender roles. It’s the brainchild of my dear friend Emily Ann Scott, who is
such an inspiration being so capable in front and behind the camera. She wrote it,starred in it, directed a few episodes and everything in between. We also were blessed
to have an incredible cast and crew who worked with us on this project and it is SO funny! The leading men that we cast Michael Ridley and Nick Gallaghar were absolute
gems in this and they gave it their all, especially during the most ridiculous scenes that still make me laugh out loud when I watch them. It’s funny, empowering, ironic and has
a ton of heart in it. I really hope that everyone will get to watch it once it is released!”


- In Feb 2019 on you sayed in an interview you  would love to have a lead role in an ensemble series in a superhero universe. Which superhero?
“That’s such a hard question because I literally love all of them! I’m a huge fan of the
Marvel Universe, but aside from the MCU, I’m much more familiar with the DC
characters. I love darker themed shows and I think Jessica Jones is a good fit for the type of character I would gravitate towards, but honestly, I would just be ecstatic to get
the opportunity to work on any of them!”


- Jackie, you are not only an actress, you are a Director, Producer, Writer and more.
What was your personal favorite of your jobs?

“My first love and always will be acting. There is nothing that compares to how I feel
when I’m in front of a camera, in the mind of another character and bringing a story to life. Learning the process of what it means to direct or produce a film gives me such a
better understanding and appreciation for all of the work that goes on to pull it off, and who knows… maybe in the future, I’ll continue to direct and produce, but acting will
always be my favorite.


- Is there a role or series you would love to work on in the future?
“I love the concept of anthology series’. Some of my favorites are ‘American Horror
Story’, ‘American Crime Drama’ and ‘Black Mirror’, and I hear that ‘Haunting of Hill
House’ has been turned into an anthology as well, with a different cast and haunting in the next season. I just think that the story arcs in anthologies are so good because they
know exactly how to use their time in each episode or season.”

- What will we see next from you? On IMDb are there any post productions and short

“Just released was a thriller called The Pining by Uncia Films which finished with the
festivals with some awards and is now available to buy on their website. We are hoping to get distribution for it in the next couple months and then it will be publically available.
I’m currently filming a horror called Dead Ride about an serial killer Uber driver and that will be wrapped in the upcoming weeks. Represent, the web series, will be launched
hopefully by the end of the year, as well as the psychological thriller Look Into The Fire, starring Gregg Henry. There are also a couple of other projects that I’m not yet allowed
to talk about, but I’m super excited for them and will be promoting them as soon as I can!”



  -  At the last you can say some words for the Fans in Germany and the world? 
“Thank you so very much from the bottom of my heart for all of your support and kind words. I
am so grateful for everyone who follows me and my career because I would not be where I am
today if it were not for my fans! I’ve never been to Germany before and would love to go one
day and meet some of you in person! Danke!”



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