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Jamie Senegal Interview - I always try to get better and better and have the most fun I possibly can.

Ring Name: Jamie Senegal
Date of birth: 09/13/1997
Height: the tallest woman on the planet
Birth place: The bottom of the deepest ocean on Saturn
Debut: 06/13/2015
Trained by: Twisted Tate Hammer, CZW, Rob Noxious, Supreme Lee Great
Finishers/ Signature Moves: The S E X Factor (springboard facebuster), Clout 9 (springboard sliced bread), The Beauty Killer (Spinning Heel Kick sometimes while running)
Homepage: (Facebook,Instagram, Twitter,Website)
@jamielynnsenegal (ig) @thejamiesenegal (twitter)

- Thank you for your approval for this interview for the "Pro Wrestling Interview Series Tour 2022".

- Do you remember your first encounter with wrestling?

My step sister was flipping the channels and I saw the hardy boyz on RAW however the first match I ever saw was Trish vs Lita for the main event of RAW

- Please give us a brief summary of how you got into Pro Wrestling?
I started training when I was 17 years old and a junior in high school for Atomic Championship Wrestling

- Do you have any previous experience with martial arts from before you became a wrestler or other sports you did?
I was a cheerleader and a diver and a gymnast

- Can you still recall your first training sessions?
Yes! I was training in a barn in the middle of winter when it was 30 degrees Fahrenheit with no heater on cement and an amateur wrestling pad… super grueling but also built character and made me toughen up!

- How do you remember your first match, what was the feedback and what experience did you take from it?
My first match was insane. My sister, mom, dad, and cousin were all there. I wrestled twisted Tate hammer and I got the life chopped off of my chest. I would never change it for the world.

- Do you have a ‚dream opponent‘ you want to fight above all others?
I have actually wrestled her! It was my dream to wrestle my (wrestling auntie) Melina Perez! It was the most emotional surreal moment of my entire life.

- Do you have personal highlights, favourite matches or feuds so far in wrestling?
Honestly I love everything I do. I always try to get better and better and have the most fun I possibly can.

- What are you doing when you not stand inside the ring?
I stream on twitch and I take pictures for my OnlyFans and spend time with my cat Salem and my ferret Weasel.

- When a booker or company from your Country or around the world will book you , where can they contact you?

- Thank you very much for your time ,i wish you all the success and especially health! Some words for the Fans at the end?
Thank you thank all the fans who love and support us! We keep going for you and we are forever grateful for the love and support!

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