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Jeremy Roberts Interview - My agent called and said "You're in a Star Trek!"

Jeremy Roberts was born in 1954 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. He is an actor known for The Thirteenth Floor , The Mask  and Christmas Vacation . And Star Trek Fans also know him from Star Trek VI , Deep Space Nine and Voyager.



Jeremy you start your Work in Star Trek as Lieutenant Commander Dimitri Valtane in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. How did you get cast for your role in the movie?


A. I was sent to the producers for my read.There was four of us. About 2 hours later. My agent called and informed me,the part was mine and said "you're in a star trek!"



- Were you a Star Trek fan before you got cast?


A.  I was a fan since it aired in 68.  I had the usual astronaut dreams. Dashed by the marine corps..I was too tall to fit in the cockpit. So I ended up on a starship.good.



- Star Trek VI was only one Step into Star Trek. You also in Deep Space Nine and Voyager. What was your personal favorite, the Lieutenant Commander Dimitri Valtane or  Meso'Clan , and why?


A.  Valtane.  Meso, unfortunately, was mired in sickness. It was 90 degrees I became very I'll and needed to be removed from mask and off to doctor.  My standin continued in my roll and got his sag card.  I've watched the episode and I cant tell who's who.  They never say any jem hadars name?  Had a great time...for awhile.



- Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?


A.  Well, my puking in deep space counts.  On the first day of shooting on star trek undiscovered country we stopped shooting so William Shatner and Leonard Nemoy both in wardrobe were onset for costume pictures...both sitting in capts.chair....of course the set went silent..I'm feeling a chill...I cant believe I'm here..I know I'm a nerdfan... but it was beyond was really happening.  I was 12 was the crew.




- With a role in STar Trek comes a Big Fan Community, what are your first fan experiences?


A.  A couple of weeks after opening of st6uc (spelling will b shortened to this)  we were in a restaurant/bar on sunset...a group of men came up to me having recognized me from st6uc...they asked if I would join them at the bar...they wanted me to meet there friend...I went..he turned and saw who I was and started to repeat everyone of my lines from st6uc.....amazing!  



- There are so many series and Movies Jeremy you worked in ( Star Trek , The Mask ,CSI , Ghostwhisperer ,Lie to me.....) What was your personal highlight so far?


A. Well, you cant beat being in any star trek....having played a majority of bad guys it was fun playing crazy dave in Herbie Fully Loaded....i got to go all silence of the lamb crazy as a serial killer in Millennium...broke my big toe. Good times....good times.




- Jeremy , Is there something special you would love to do in the future?  A special role or actor to work with? Or maybe a spot in Star Trek Picard or Discovery?


A. One of each, please. I love a there a comic book character about a guy who has superhero senior powers?  Hmmm... 




- What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?


A. I've  been invited to judge at a food and wine event on Oct. 30 with chef Duff Goldman to help local businesses comeback from the pandemic...hopefully in Europe at a convention date yet...oh, and



- Thank you very much for your 

time. Is there anything else you would like to let your fans know


A.  Anytime I've had any interaction with fans they have been so kind and very generous to me...I'm very humbled ...

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