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Jimmy Dempster Interview - Between Vampire´s , Manson and Maids

Jimmy Dempster is an American Actor Born in Detroit Michigan. Jimmy has always been interested in being an Actor but from his upbringing it never seemed like a reality,until he did a cameo in zombie film in 2012 that gave him the drive to pursue Acting full time. After two background roles he has very quickly advanced to principal and costar roles and is currently best known for his film and television work in hit television shows such as Devious Maids,Swamp Murders,The Originals and feature films such as One Night Of Fear,The Last One,King's Gambit,Torrent and Dark Roads 79 and Box.

- Thank you being my Guest Jimmy Dempster.
Thanks for having me !

- Jimmy , what was the moment you said: I want to be an actor?
I guess the first moment I knew I wanted to be an actor was my first night on my first project..I was an extra at the time and I was  looking at the principal actors doing their lines and I said to myself I could do that I want to do that haha 


- Rockabilly Zombie Weekend - Rockabilly (cameo) What can you tell us about this camoe?
Rockabilly zombie weekend was a great time.. at the time I was doing a film for full sail University called "undead apocalypse"  one day I was talking to a friend of mine on set and he told me about this project rockabilly zombie weekend so I went over there and it had me go in and they had me audition now I have never auditioned for a role ever in my life I had no idea about sides or where to look at the camera how to work a room any of that. but a couple times later they called me and asked me if I was interested in being a zombie extra and a couple days work turned into several weeks so I was working all night on the rockabilly zombie weekend and then working during the day on undead apocalypse both characters I played a zombie and by the end of that shoe I technically was a zombie haha.

You meet the coolest people on set and become fast friends, you stay at each others house,you give eachother rides to set, auditions,etc. It's a really fun time starting out. I met some great people on both sets some of whom I still am close to today.


- After some Background work you played in Julie Plec´s "The Originals" in two episode´s. What was the first when you think about your time the set?
The Originals was a great time because that was the first time I was featured on a major TV show. They called and asked if I wanted to come in as a fight club vampire and I was like HELL YEAH !! haha and those were the days back in 2012 2013 when I was just starting out and all the work was moving to Atlanta I was living in Florida at the time so I was making that drive to Georgia sometimes for one night sometimes for a couple nights and then driving back again.

When they call me back the second time they asked me if I wanted to be a featured member of the Klaus"s Clan and I of course accepted. As much fun as I had the first time during the fight club scene the second experience while a little bit more grueling was a little bit more special to me because being featured that's when I actually got to be in the trailer and I got to have makeup fx and got to talk to some of the cast ..there's a big difference between being an extra on a project and even featured or principle for one you're treated a lot better.


A quick funny story about that dance back from the grave episode in season 1 we're getting ready to shoot the scene right before I die we're Actor Joseph Morgan "Klaus" is telling everybody to rally up and look for the people who are causing the issue and after one of the takes he's telling everybody to be careful and watch out and  comes right over to me and he says "especially you watch out for any sharp objects and stuff like that"  haha because of the way me and my costar Michael Koske (The Walking Dead) die in the show with the symbol carved into our heads . The Originals was a great experience and definitely helped prepare me for bigger sets and roles.



- 2016 you worked as Bouncer in 2 episodes in "Devious Maids" .Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes? 
Devious Maids was an interesting one as well that was my first Co-Star role on a major Network series..and it almost never happened !! I audition for the role of the bartender in that episode but a couple days went by and I didn't hear anything and then about a week later I got a call from my agent Friday night at like 10:00 pm and she said I wasn't right for the bartender but they have this role of a bouncer that they're writing and they wanted to know if I'd be interested in that instead ?

Now at the time they could of offered me a role as guy in a tutu Dancing the macarena in clown make up and I would have said absolutely..that actually sounds rad haha I said yes and a few days later I got the call to come out to ABC Studios Ga from Florida. Being on that soundstage and having my own trailer and all that stuff for the first time was so cool after breaking my ass driving all over hell and creation for a dollar and a doughnut it really made it all worth it in that moment and Meeting talent I used to watch as a kid like Grant Show who I remembered from (Melrose Place) was an awesome experience. 


- Box, what can you say about this short Thriller and your role as "The Man"?
BOX might be my most ambitious work so far. I realized at the time I was building a resume of villain characters and wanted to prove I can do more than that and really wanted to do something completely different.

My good friends Brandt Hackney and Lee Thongkham and myself were all about to make big moves to separate cities to pursue our dream and we said why don't we get together one last time and do a project we'll just throw everything we could think of into it we'll do it for a little to no money no resources very small crew and just see what we can make with nothing more than a whole lot of heart and passion and that's how BOX was born.

Originally we had shot box to be a feature that was the plan and ultimately we ended up getting about an hour or so is worth a footage but we all agreed that it's best chances at this time would be to make it into a cinematic short film as opposed to a future length film that maybe felt a little too drawn out. My character is a broken man who still struggles with a decision he regrets in the past and as the film plays out you get glimpses into his background and when he eventually unravels you get the clear picture.

A lot of the film is literal and a lot of it is metaphor we decided to do it very ambiguous all the way up until even the ending this way we can have the audience decide what really happened and what was in his mind. It's the kind of film that if you watch with 50 people you will get 50 different reactions and interpretations and having talked with fans at screenings and conventions and comment sections we knew that if we did anything at all we made a film that got people talking and thinking. Since it's release we have been honored with several awards in every major category including multiple best actor,director, cinematography,sound,score and even an indie Spirit award win for myself. The film currently streams on the Kings of Horror Network on youtube. As I look back now I gotta say not bad for a couple of friends doing a love letter passion project.


- Between The Originals , Devious Maids, Box and Graceland you work also in other series and Movies. What's your personal highlight so far?
Having worked on so many projects over the years all of them hold a special place in my heart The Originals for reasons I've already mentioned earlier but also projects like (Swamp Murders) as that was my first Principal role on a network series technically a Guest Star since I was the main villain and driving force throughout the episode. (Kings Gambit) was fun because it was my first costar in a feature film and working on the Universal Back lot was an experience as well. (One Night Of Fear) was special because that was my first lead in a feature film it had a good run on amazon prime but was pulled because they considered it to be an X and not an R haha there's a lot of politics behind that film and I hope they get it together and re release that film cause it's a good slasher.


- Jimmy you have so many Post-,Pre-, and announed movies in progress. Where are you most looking forward to?
Out of the ones I have on tap right now I'm most looking forward to getting into is (Killer Babes and the Frightening Film Fiasco) that is my dream project as it costars so many legends of the genre (Linnea Quigley,Lisa Wilcox,Tiffany Shepis,Debbie Rochon ,Jenna Kanell,Emma Bellomy  and more) Director Brett Mullen has a rich visual style his films pop in the way Argentos films pop. The film has been halted do to the pandemic but we are all excited to be back in the saddle and deliver a kickass movie.


- Is there any dream role or actor/actress you would loved to work in the future?
I would love to play Charles Manson in a film,biopic,tv series any shape or form.
I have seen some excellent portrayals over the years and some not so great,but I feel many of the characters I have played so far are almost extensions of him or at least his public perception. 


- Is there anything else you would like to let your fans know?
I wanna thank you for having me it's been a pleasure and yes I can be found on Instagram @realjamesd check out my IMDB page Jimmy Dempster to check out past and future projects and leave a rating ,review on projects you may have enjoyed. BOX is still playing on the Kings of Horror Network on youtube check that out and drop a like,comment stuff like this helps us Actors out so much and best of all it costs ya nothing  
I just wrapped a film called (The Fury) which is scheduled to release later this year and currently I am a lead in a production called (Tin Roof) written by Rob Mello (Happy Death Day) so watch out for those.


- Thank you Jimmy Dempster for your time and i hope to see you one day in Germany too.
Cheers my friends I love and appreciate the support and  I know things are tough right now but there is a bright light on the horizon and I look forward to seeing you all at the movies !! Take care of yourself and eachother 😎👌 

James R. Dempster 

Instagram @realjamesd 


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