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Johanna McGinley Interview - Outsiders - “it was a family, not a job." 

Johanna McGinley was born on February 22, 1988 in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. She is known for Outsiders as Annalivia Farrell


- Johanna your career starts 2009 in the business. When did you first discover your passion for the world of Entertainment?

I was always an avid watcher of I Love Lucy when I was young. I loved imitating Lucy and making my Mom laugh. I think this is where the passion began. The gig in 2009 was when I was going to school for acting in NYC and had to get my first intern job for school. I interned on an upcoming night show that never kicked off the ground. It was interesting though. They made me dress up like a chicken for 1 episode. Oh the things they make interns do! 


- The first time i looked Outsiders is just some weeks ago. How did you get cast for the role as Annalivia?

So, Annalivia was a character they were back and forth about having lines or not. When they decided she would be silent they gave it to the Extras Casting Director. I saw the opportunity on Facebook and submitted. Thankfully, I knew the Extras Casting Director so she put my photos through and the Director picked me. I was one of 5 ladies that the Director wanted to meet. At the meeting, I ran into the stunt choreographer and the gaffer... I happen to know them from other projects. I think the Director took notice and enjoyed that I was well liked by the crew. So I got the job!


- How would you describe Annalivia's role in the family?

Annalivia is the caretaker to the queen of the mountain. She is the handmaiden, the servant. She is the only servant in the Outsiders families. Everyone else lives a free life except Annalivia.


- Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?

Well, I was known on set as the puker. I would randomly throw up on set and go back to work like nothing happened. Twice they sent me home for it. This was in 2016. I found out in 2017, my kidneys were failing for the past 5 yrs. I was then put on dialysis and went through the process of getting a transplant. I received a transplant in 2018 and have been healthy since!


- The series was surprisingly canceled after the second season. how was the ending received by the actors?

We were devastated. We never got an ending. We had become a family and that family was gone. It was heartbreaking.


- Please finish the following sentence: “Looking back at working on Outsiders …”

“it was a family, not a job." 


- Do you still have a dream of a movie or series you would love to play?

My dream role used to be Crystal from Marvel's Inhumans but they made that series and cast the role. Then it was cancelled after 1 season. It was cancelled because they didn't choose me as Crystal. Or so I say. ;)


- You worked over the years in many other series and movies like "Two Sides", "They/Them/Us" and many more. What was your personal highlight as an actress so far?

A personal highlight was working on They/Them/Us, a Columbus OH made feature film. I was proud to be a part of something that was made where I live. I love our film community in Ohio and we make beautiful films here. Showcasing what Columbus has will hopefully bring more opportunities to our city. I'm on the board of advisors for the Columbus Film Commision. So any way I can promote creating film in Columbus, the better. 


- Johanna, you also work as producer, assistant director and more. What's your favorite part?

I love being an Assistant Director. I like keeping people on time and not being scared to speak my mind. I enjoy being the connection between all the departments on set. I even dig creating call sheets and schedules.


- What does the future hold for you? Anything you would like to plug to our readers?

The future is bright. I feel like a big fish in a small pond here in Ohio. I became a SAG-AFTRA actress last year officially. I have 2 feature films coming out this year. One is called, Rustin, which will be on Netflix later this year. I play the role of TN Mother. The second is, Bones & All, which will premiere nationwide on November 23rd in theaters. I play the role of Woman's Voice. 


- Is there anything else you would like to let your fans know?

There is a Facebook Group for my fans! Check it out!! Search “Fans of Johanna McGinley"! 

Here is the Group

- Thank you Johanna McGinley and all the best for your future and i hope to see you one day in Germany.

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