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Kadrolsha Ona Carole -

Interview with the Queen of The Paranormal

Today my guest is something special. She is an actress known for many role´s and she is the "Queen of The Paranormal (R)" and
A World’s Leading Authority on energy healing, spirit communication and the Paranormal World.

- Thank you being my guest Kadrolsha Ona Carole

- Let start about your acting, You start your career in the 70´s with movies like "Ghost in the Noonday Sun" and the classic Movie "Jaws". what moved you to become an actress?


At a young age I loved to play dress up and pretend. It was a natural step to actually do a bit of professional acting.


- Since these days you work in so many movies and series like "Ghostbusters" , "Iron Man" , "Law and Order" , "Arrow" , "Pulp Fiction".... What was your personal highlight so far?


I would have to say being able to in such fabulous movies and series is wonderful. My advice is to work hard. In order to get you have to give.


- Then comes a series made for you, "Supernatural". 2015-2019 you had a spot in 4 episodes in different roles. How was it working on a set of an Paranormal series for yourself?


I must admit it was a dream come true. I have watched every episode and am a huge fan of the series. To be there in a small way was thrilling.


- You also steeped in one of my personal favorite series "The Walking Dead" , is there something
special you can share with us?


What I can tell you is, it was intense and long hours. Each program that I have done is different. The atmosphere is different the attitudes are different. This was one of those cases. Nothing bad just different.


- You have made comic book history by becoming the first person to be a comic book Superhero doing what she does in real life between the pages of a comic book.How does it feels?


I am humble and I help others including animals when ever I can. It’s my life I am dedicated to doing so.


- Kadrolsha, you are not only an actress you also "The Queen of the Paranormal" Can you tell our
readers exactly what is it that you do?


I am an expert in all genres of the paranormal. I travel the globe lecturing and sharing my knowledge of the paranormal.


- When did you discover your paranormal abilities and how?


I come from 7 and more generations of dream interpreters and spirit communicators. I like to say I was born into it. My Grandmother, my Bacia translated in Polish, taught me how to communicate with the spirits. A gift I cherish to this day.


- You worked for so many series and movies and i can ask you more and more but i know you had many to work when i look at IMDb , so let end this Interview with some words for your fans and maybe an advice that you can give to the world and the world beyond ?

My advice for people wanting to go into the entertainment business and succeed is to work hard and know your value.

There is no such thing as an overnight sensation. It truly does take hard work. Being kind and keeping your word. That goes a long way.


 - Thank you being my guest and i hope to meet you some day here in Germany.


Thank you.

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