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Kathleen Gati - Interview with Dr Liesl Obrecht from General Hospital

Kathleen Gati is an American-Canadian-Hungarian actress. She is known for portraying Raisa in Arrow, Anya Suvarov on 24, Dr. Liesl Obrecht on the ABC soap, General Hospital. She is also known as Deirdre from Fear The Walking Dead: Flight 462 and for many other Series and Movies.

- Hello Kathleen Gati and thank you for your time for the Fans.

Thank you for inviting me to speak to your fans and audience viewers! Without them we as actors and filmmakers have no career!

- Kathleen, many fans known you as Doctor Obrecht in the TV series "General Hospital". How did you get your role, is there something special you can share with us?

I met the Show’s casting director approximately 14 years before I got an audition for this role as a Swiss-German doctor. And landed the role in July, 2007! What started out as a two day role has turned into over 350 episodes and 7 years later, I’m gratefully still there! You never know what will happen in this career!!

- What have you learned as an actress by playing a character like Doctor Liesl?

That you have to keep making a long term role fresh and fun, to keep it interesting for the audience as well as for yourself! And sometimes when you play a very evil and dark character, you will have people who hate you (hopefully just the character) and that means you are doing your job well!

- General Hospital, what was the best thing or the funniest moment? Is there something special you can share with us?

This role is a lot of fun and very challenging for me because I get to play many colors of behavior and use all my training and experience!! Everything from high drama to comedy, singing and dancing when needed, very evil, to very campy. My parents are Hungarian and as a child, I made fun of their thick accents and developed a skill for accents, and languages, which has been a wonderful tool in getting various accented and different language roles, which I LOVE!!! And I so appreciate the writing for my character tremendously! As an actor you rarely get to show so much of a range in a specific role. It’s wonderful!! This character gets so many fun lines and comedic situations! The list is endless!

- You played in many other series too like "24", "Arrow" , "Me, Eloise" , "Alphas" and more. What’s your highlight so far?

Each job, each role comes with its own highlights and joy! Right now I am really enjoying this role on General Hospital! 

- 2015-2016 you had a part in "Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462" , what can you tell us about Deirdre?

What an amazing experience! It was a fantastic ensemble cast, a dream team of cast and crew! And we all loved the scripts and each other. Deirdre was the flight attendant who has to keep her cool and keep the zombie calm while knowing she is bitten by the zombie, and that the plane is about to crash into the ocean. 

- Since 2012 you work as Raisa in the DC Universe Series "Arrow". Many female fans would die to spend some time with Stephen Amell, what can you tell us about your work in Arrow and will we see Raisa maybe 2019 again?

The show is now canceled and sadly there will not be Raisa any more. She was the nanny for Stephen Amell when he was a child and then later for his son. But this son outgrew the nanny too. Stephen Amell was wonderful to work with. A true gentleman and a genuinely kind and professional actor. It was such a pleasure to work with him!

- Is there a role or series you would love to work on in the future or an actor/actress you would want to work with?

I love working on period pieces as it is a very interesting experience to try to climb into someone’s shoes of another era and experience what they must have during that period and relay that to the audience. I also love working in European films as this is close to my heart.  I filmed in Hungary for 6 years and hope I get to work in Europe again. I feel at home there!

And I am a huge admirer of Judy Dench, Cate Blanchett, Anthony Hopkins, to name a few I would be honored to work with. 


- Are you currently working on any interesting movie or series that you can reveal to us?

I just finished a lovely Christmas movie called “A Mermaid For Christmas” and several audiobooks. Plus some other projects coming up. Always something cooking!!

- In closing, some words to your fans?

I appreciate the interest and support of people interested in what I do and the work that I do. I am always grateful for the support and love! Anyone interested in following me on Twitter and Instagram, I am @gatitweets for updates. 

- Thank you so much Kathleen Gati for your time. It is a great pleasure.

It was my honor! Thank you so much!!

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