Kim Stinger Interview - Star Trek Continues / New Voyages

Kim Stinger is an actress, known for Pastor Jones 2: Lord Guide My 16 Year Old Daughter , and mostly for playing Uhura in  Star Trek Continues  and Star Trek: New Voyages


-Thank you Kim Stinger for your spontaneous commitment. Can you introduce yourself please? 


Sure! I'm Kim Stinger, the insanely lucky girl who gets to play Lt. Uhura on the web series, Star Trek Continues! 



-How did you get your role in Star Trek as Uhura?
I met Vic Mignogna (STC Executive Producer and our beloved Captain Kirk)-- while working on the set of another project. We hit it off well, and I thought he was both extremely talented and great to work with...He layer developed STC and offered me the role of Uhura. I was-- and still am-- honored to be blessed with such an amazing opportunity.

-Kim ,did you watch the show prior to your casting to Star Trek?

I'd watched some episodes as prep work, but I'm not nearly as well-versed in Trek as many of our other cast members-- Vic and many others are lifelong fans, and Chris Doohan pretty much grew up on the TOS set! I came to Trek much later in life, initially as research for the role. It's a different experience from many of the others, but I appreciate that fact. My first experience with the show is through the lens of this lasting legacy it has created-- iconic characters that have withstood the test of time, storylines that challenge social norms and uplift our humanity. There's a weight to that which I would not have come to it with by growing up with it as many of the other cast and crew has. Both views are relevant and have importance. People who grew up with the show got to witness what has made it so influential firsthand. I like to think I represent the new audiences we're reaching-- many for the first time through STC-- who may have known a bit about Trek, but who are drawn in through its new iterations... seeing it through the eyes of modernity looking back in wonder at how aspirational-- and surprisingly accurate-- a simple TV show ended up being, decades after it stopped airing, and discovering how deeply it has impacted culture all around us throughout that entire time.  It's pretty phenomenal, when you think about it.




-Working with Walter Koenig or George Takei will be a dream for 
every Star Trek Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys?
 I actually did not work with Mr. Takei or Mr. Koenig--( they were part of the cast of an episode prior to my arrival at Phase II.). Through STC, however, I've had the opportunity to work with people like Lou Ferrigno, Colin Baker, Erin Grey, the incomparable Michael Forest, as well as others who I greatly admire and respect. What a blessing and honor to be able to learn from such great talents while actually working WITH them on set!

-How much has the series influenced your life?
STC has been a game-changing experience for me. It's opened doors to entirely new experiences... I'd never attended a ComiCon prior to our first premiere, for example! The show has given me the chance to travel to new places, and meet so many wonderful people. I believe our cast and crew are a reflection of what TOS was depicting on screen when it first aired all those years ago-- people from all walks of life coming together and pooling their talents for the betterment of every individual. I think that's true for us at STC, and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it.

-What was the best thing or the funniest moment about working on Set?Is there something special you can share with us?
There were so many great times... how to think of just one?!? I can say one standout for me was the first stunt explosion we did in which Uhura was thrown back and knocked unconscious. I pretty much had to do a trust fall into the arms of volunteer crew, and pray that they would catch me! I've been close to people at work before, but how cool is it to say that your co-workers literally caught you in mid-air? I now have that privilege!




-Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series that you can reveal?
I'm focusing on Con events to support STC through the finale, and will be prayerfully considering what's next until then. It's a bit bittersweet to say goodbye, so I'm going to savor the moments while they last before looking too far into the future.

-Is there anything else you would like to let Star Trek Fans and your fans know?
I just want to say thank you-- for welcoming me into the world of Trek, and for embracing me as Nyota Uhura! I'm so grateful to have had even a small part in participating in such a beloved legacy... and to have been entrusted with an iconic  character like Lt. Uhura simply blows my mind. You will never know what a gift this opportunity has been... and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me this blessing. I pray I did you proud!

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