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Kinney Lee Interview - The Walking Dead

Kinney M. Lee is an extra who appears in AMC's The Walking Dead.

In Season 6, Kinney portrayed a Wolf who fatally wounded Holly in "JSS" before being shot and killed by Rosita.
Since Season 7, Kinney has been portraying a second character, a resident of Hilltop.

This upcoming season will be my 6th season with TWD

- How did you get your role in the AMC Series The Walking Dead?

As you stated I began working on the set of TWD as a pilfer wolf and met my demise as I ransacked a house with two other wolves. Rosita caught me leaving through the front door and dispatched me. I am a background actor and as such I receive casting calls from different casting agencies. I received an email asking if I were available to play the role of wolf and I quickly responded, yes, thus began I journey with this great set/cast. I was privileged to be able to make the transition from wolf to Hilltop. 


- Kinney , did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to
your casting to The Walking Dead?

 Like the rest of the world I, too, was glued to my television every Sunday night watching the events of the
end of the world. I have actor friends who worked the production and they spoke highly of the set and crew and I just wanted to become part of a history making television series.


- Working with Andrew Lincoln, Tom Payne or one of the Maincast Members will be a dream for every TWD Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys?

As background we are not always able to work that close to the primary actors, but from time to time we were able to get the inside glimpse. I have to say I have never seen any other actor be so intense as he prepared for a scene as Andrew does.He spends countless hours studying..becoming that role. But. . one afternoon during a rain delay we were treated to storytime with Andrew and Norman while sitting around on the Hilltop front porch and that was a most memorial moment. Watching Andrew and Norman prank one another on set was also a treat.


- How much has the series The Walking Dead influenced your life? Can you
go outside unrecognized ?

 How has the production influenced me? That set has taught me that working in the Georgia heat and cold is nothing to take lightly. One most be dedicated to the craft as I witnessed cast members are and during season 8 I contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted fever from tick bites. Also snakes..damm I hate snakes.. I've been able to make great friends with other background cast as well as some production members.


- How did your family react when they found out that you were playing in The Walking Dead?

Due to NDA's we are not allowed to discuss what we see, do or hear on set, so we can't be too open. But, when the episode airs...its a party. A lot of times we meet at Nick and Norman's restaurant in Senioa to watch with other actors an fans and the place will be packed. If you every get the opportunity to take the TDW tour or visit Nick and Normans  you must make the time. You will not be disappointed. Upon my first booking on TWD my first call was to my wife and one would think I hit the lottery  My kids were ecstatic as they wanted to see "daddy" in the apocalypses. I've never been bitten or in a fight to the death, but with the weapons we are supplied I've dispatched a few walkers to the next life.


- In how many season´s or episode´s you worked in TWD?

As I stated...if I return for this next season it will be my 6th season...which will make me the background with the most seniority. If I make it out of a burning never knows..


- Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series
outside "The Walking Dead" that you can reveal?

Just prior to the Covid lockdown I completed a three day filming on the murder mystery show "Snapped" which was a blast. Really enjoyed working with that crew and cast members. It's on the ID channel... also had the privlidge to work on the last days of a major motion picture but, again, with NDA's in place can't say too much other than it's gonna be damm good. 


- Is there anything else you would like to let The Walking Dead Fans and your fans know?

To the millions of TWD fans worldwide...without a doubt you are the most dedicated fans in the world. Many a day, after being on set 12 to 14 hours we would walk out to be greeted by hundreds of fans which was an amazing sight. Granted they were not there to see us, but just being able to be a part of a fan base such as this is beyond words.

I am very grateful to all those associated with TWD for allowing me an opportunity that many in this world will never receive and for that I Thank you..To the millions of TWD fans...Thank You for making TWD the number one television show on cable television. ..without you, the fans, TWD does not exist.  



- Thank you Kinney Lee for your time and i hope to see you one day in Germany too.

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