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Anastasia Griffith Interview - Once upon a time

Anastasia Griffith trained at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art having already completed a degree in History of Art at Bristol University

- Thank you being my guest Anastasia Griffith.
Hi, thanks for having me.

- You played in "Once upon a time" Kathryn Nolan / Princess Abigail, Can you tell how you got cast for this And how did you get your part assigned?
I got the role of Kathryn/Abigail through auditioning for the role of Emma Swan during pilot season that year.  I met the writers and producers in the room and had a good read.  They then contacted me directly once the show was starting production of the first season to see if I would be interested in taking the role, which of course I was.  The script was very unique and I had been very excited to audition for it so I jumped at the chance.


- What do you remember most of you work in OuaT? Is there a special or funny moment?
I really remember watching the romance between Ginnifer and Josh blossom in front of our eyes and I had to be the third wheel!  It was very heart warming to watch and sometimes a bit awkward for me to step in and do my scenes where I play the third wheel to Snow White and Prince Charming.  Poor old Kathryn was never going to get the guy in that story!


- What was it like meeting and working with Josh Dallas ?
Josh was the perfect gentleman.  Very respectful and hard working.  Always took care to make sure I was happy, as a guest on the show, and very easy to get on with.  He was in a good place it seemed!  Life was going well for him!


- How much Anastasia was in the role of Princess Abigail?
Abigail was quite a misunderstood character we realised as things went on!  She is someone who seemed quite whiney, self absorbed and entitled. I don't think I am entitled.  I feel very lucky for my opportunities but I am sure I have been told I can be self absorbed in my time.  Moreover though we understood that she really didn't want to be there and was being forced into the marriage with Charming.  If I were in that position I might be pretty sulky too.


- You played in many other series like "Deep State" , "The Blacklist" "Cooper" and many many more. Whats your personal highlight so far?
Damages will always have a very special place in my heart, although it was so long ago now I can barely remember anything about it.  I made some really close friends in that show, most significantly Noah Bean who played my brother and Rose Byrne.  Noah is the god father to my son and remains to be an important person in our lives.  Deep State for similar reasons... great writing, a great show with really incredible actors and at a very special moment in my life.  Deep State was my first job as a mother and my son came on the journey with me, which was a moment of real empowerment and a moment I realised all my dreams had come true!

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