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Kyle Pacek Interview - The Mandalorian

Kyle Pacek is originally from a small town in New Hampshire. During Pacek's freshman year of college in 2007, he started a business selling parts, accessories, and gear for Powersports (motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles, and watercraft). Kyle is also know for his work in "The Mandalorian" , "American Horror Story" and many more.

- Thank you Kyle Pacek for your time for the Star Wars The Mandalorian Fans.



How did you get started in the movie business?

During the summer of 2011 I was on vacation in Anaheim when a recruiter for Disney randomly asked me to participate in a film. Though I never thought about acting before, I was willing to give it a whirl. After taking my information, the recruiter said if the producer liked my look they would call within a couple weeks. Once I flew home from vacation I was back to the grind and surprisingly received the call from casting. I was originally told I would be working on the film for three weeks in late September.


However, while on the set I received two additional roles performing stunts and was able to stay for two months. Having the opportunity to get so involved sparked a new interest for the acting industry. It was an incredible experience working with all the stars such as James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, Bill Cobbs, and the list goes on. Not only did I learn from and build relationships with the stars but as well as all the extras and those behind the scenes. The movie wrapped a few days before Thanksgiving allowing me to be home for the holidays. Looking back, sharing my experience with all my friends and family made me want to continue acting & performing stunts.


In January of 2012 I drove across country and landed in Los Angeles to pursue my acting career. Since then I have been tearing it up on many productions! It is awesome to be constantly working with great people making those reels turn every day. Although I've never thought of being an actor or living in LA, I am so thankful for everything that has happened! As they say "everything happens for a reason."

How did you get cast for The Mandalorian?

The stunt community is small, yet very strong. I was recommended by a few different people after a couple roles came up, that I was a great fit for!

Were you a big Star Wars fan before you got cast?

I was never into sci-fi type movies, although I did watch parts of the first Star Wars films with my dad, Ed. After playing with the folks on The Mandalorian, I naturally grew an interest to watch the series. Along with the previous movies. I dig em’!

You played the part of a Jawa and did several stunts. Which stunts (as which characters) did you do?


In the 1st season I played multiple Jawas being killed off left and right. In season 2 I was a bounty hunter in the opening scene in episode 2. I held a knife to the Child, and it was hard to do so! The Child is such a cool character to be able to interact with. Along with The Mandalorian himself of course!

How did the shooting of your scenes go? (and were you in the now famous Jawa egg scene?)

Every scene was a blast! I thoroughly enjoy meeting up with the team and walking through everything and rehearsing. There are always moments when everyone comes together to make slight or major changes. After everything is finalized, it’s awesome to see the final cut. Yes, I was in the egg scene, it was cool to work with some other Jawas.

Did you get to interact with the major stars of the show, like Pedro Pascal, Carl Weathers, Gina Carano?

I was able to work and meet most of the cast. Everyone is so nice! At the end of the day, we’re all humans and we’re all on the set of a really awesome production!

Did any weird or funny things happen on or off the set?

Every day is filled with laughs! There were somedays where we were filming outside, and it was muddy! So, there were some funny times watching things/people slip and slide in the mud. Of course, there are always moments when someone either forgets a line, or forgets which direction to go in. Either one usually ends with a good laugh with the crew. Then its resetting and back to focusing!

What is the best memory you have regarding The Mandalorian?

One of my favorite days in season 1 is playing on the sandcrawler when The Mandalorian yanked me out of one of the windows. In season 2 it was a blast doing some wire work, after The Mandalorian launched me into outer space while I was wearing his jetpack.

What do you think of the show? I assume you have seen all the episodes?

I really like the show, which still surprises me after never really following the previous Star Wars movies.

Will we see you again in a future Star Wars production? And is there a character you'd love to play?

I sure as heck hope so! I would love to play another character of course. No matter what character I am playing, it’s fun to bring it to life!

- Thank you and i hope to see you some day on a German Star Wars Convention. 

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