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Lauren Nicole Taylor - TWD Interview

Lauren Nicole Taylor is an american actress , known as one of the Scavengers in
the AMC Series The Walking
Dead in Season 8

Thank you Lauren for your spontaneous commitment for the Fans of 

How did you get your role in the AMC Series The Walking Dead as a
member of the Scavengers?

I was told about the casting agency that hired me by my Aunt. She is a Savior on the show. 
I seen where they were looking for someone with my particular looks and clothing 
sizes so I applied for the part and prayed that I did the bill. It wasn't much 
later that evening that I received the email stating that I had been chosen for 
the part! I was completely ecstatic!



Lauren ,  did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to
your casting to The Walking Dead?

I have definitely been a huge fan side the day TWD aired on AMC! I haven't read 
the comics, but I know a lot of people who have and they said the show was very different. 
I was very intrigued when they told me about it so I'm hoping to start reading it soon.


When you watched TWD the first time do you ever think that you will be a part in this series some day?
The first time I seen the show I thought that it would be really neat to a part if 
something so amazing. Although I never knew that my dreams of actually doing so would actually come true.




Working with Andrew Lincoln or one of the Maincast Members will be
a dream for every
TWD Fan, what can you say about working with some of this guys?

I was able to work with a few of the characters, with Andrew being by far my favorite! They were all 
so nice and curtious to the extras. Andrew would always tell us good job and that they couldnt do it without us.


How much has the series The Walking Dead influenced your life? Can you
go outside unrecognized ?

The Walking Dead has definitely taught me quite a bit. Always be ready, expect the unexpected, love fiercely,
 and many more things.
I can definitely go out and no one know that I was on it. Except for my family and a few friend. 

We see you in Season 8 Episode 10 , the epsiode when most of the Scavengers pass away,right?
Yes sir. I am in S8 E10. It's such a sad episode. But it was super fun to film!

What was the best thing or the funniest moment about working on The
Walking Dead?Is there something special you can share with us?

I think, to me, the funniest part is how Andrew readies himself right before we would start to film. He would yell out 
all sorts of random things. It was very entertaining and very hard to keep a straight face right before starting. 

Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series
outside "The Walking Dead" that you can reveal? Or will we see you maybe back in The Walking Dead? 

I have worked on 2 other films that I currently cannot disclose. But if you like comedies and dramas then 
you'll love them! Im also currently waiting to be told if i will be apart of another popular 
show that i currently cannot disclose at this time. I do hope that I am able to be a different 
zombie in Season 9 for TWD! I think that would be amazing! But not too sure if they rehire 
extras! I'll definitely find out once they start casting again!



Is there anything else you would like to let The Walking Dead Fans and
your fans know?

If you are a Walking Dead fan I high suggest visiting Senoia, GA! It's beautiful! 
And there are many TWD themed shops around the area. And don't forget to stop by Nic 
and Norman's for food! I swear they have the best food! Also, if you aspire to become 
an actor/actress, do it! Don't let ANYONE tell you that you can't! Because I promise you 
that you most certainly can!

Thank you very much for your time and all the best for the future and
maybe see you someday in Germany.

Thank you again! I have really enjoyed this! I hope to be able to visit y'all in Germany one day!




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