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- You played in one of the biggest SiFi movies of all time, Star Wars A new Hope, Can you tell how you got cast for Star 
Wars And how did you get your part assigned?


  • I wasn’t down to play any role.  Someone called Peter Dukes had been selected to play a Stormtrooper, but the day before he called the agent and informed them he was unable to attend because he was ill.  I had the same measurements as him, so they offered me the job instead.


- What do you remember most of you work as Saurin? Is there a special or funny moment?


  • Again, I wasn’t down to play Saurin, either.  Towards the end of the first week on the film, the 2nd director’s        assistant asked me if I was free the following week as, once again, the person who due to take on that role was unable to make it. I went to the wardrobe department, and was given the Saurin costume to try on.  I managed to squeeze the top half on and the head gear, but the trousers/leggings  were to small, so they gave me a pair from some other costume - rather bulky!   



- What was it like meeting and working with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill?


  • Well, they weren’t that well known at the time. Carrie Fisher had a bit of fame, due to the fact that she was the daughter of actress Debbie Reynolds. .I never spoke to her.  Chris Bunn had a few words with her, and he reckons she liked to hear the Cockney Rhyming slang.  I had a couple of words with Mark.  He bought some drinks on a couple of occasions when we were having a liquid lunch!


- When you look at the Star Wars Universe and see all the fans they know you, have an Autograph, Photos with you and all the things, what do you feel about it?

(4)    Well, this is all now an unexpected pleasure for me.  I didn’t think for one moment, back in 1977, that it would become so fantastically big!  The fans/collectors are usually so well informed. 



- Your Character is available as custom action figure, did you holding one of this in your hands?


(5)   No, I didn’t.  I did look for an action figure when I started conventions some 10 to 12 years back, but couldn’t      get my hands on one.



- Laurie you played Saurin and also a Stormtrooper and an X-Wing Pilot, that’s right?

(6)  Yes, I played a Stormtrooper first, and then Saurin, and then an X-Wing pilot, but I have some recollection that when we arrived on set, there were too many X-Wing pilots, and many had to stand aside.  I think I might have been one of those, and I can’t see myself in shot, so if anyone wants me to sign as an X-Wing pilot, I always make this clear.

- Laurie you not only worked in Star Wars you also played in Doctor Who in 11 Episodes between 1972 and 1989. What can you tell us about the series and "The Doctor´s?


(7)  Well, my first Doctor Who was “The Mutants” and we filmed it at night in the Chislehurst Caves, which I was told were haunted.  At one point I was left by myself, and it did appear to be very creepy!  In my opinion, the best Doctor was Tom Baker.


- When you not work as actor and being on Conventions what are you doing?  Play Music?


(8)  Well, I’m getting on a bit now, so I take it easy.  I did write a song about the stormtroopr headbang.  I sincerely believe it was me, and I’ve been telling the story from day one, but I’m unable to produce any concrete evidence.  I wasn’t shouted at, as it the incident went unnoticed. But what griped me up was that others started to claim it, yet they had no evidence to back it up, either. So I wrote a comedy song about it.  It’s on iTunes.    

- Thank you Laurie and when you would you can say some last words to your fans.


(9)  Well, since my first convention back in 2006, I’ve made lots of friends in the Star Wars fraternity, and thanks to all those who have told me Star Wars info I was unaware of.  If you spot me at a convention drop by.    



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