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Lew Temple (born October 2, 1967) is an American film actor, perhaps best known for his roles as Locus Fender in the action film, Domino, Cal, the diner manager in the comedy-drama Waitress, and Axel in the third season of The Walking Dead.




 -Lew,did you watch the show or read the graphic novel, prior to your casting as Axel?


I was aware of the graphic novel originally, as many things in the horror genre come across my desk in light of my pedigree in that area. I thought the graphic novel was very well done, and was a bit skeptical when I heard that it was being developed into a television series. I thought that there was no possibility that they could translate the violence and desperation of the graphic novel into a television series. I then saw the pilot and was duly impressed.


They certainly were able to make the pages of the graphic novel come to life, and I think that the television series supports the life of the graphic novel as well. I was then happily able to eat my words. The Casting Directors for The Walking Dead knew me, so I was brought in originally audition for the role of Merle Dixon for the Pilot. Thankfully they hired Michael Rooker. I was then asked to read for Merle's brother, who did not have a name or even lines just yet. Thankfully they hired Norman Reedus for Darryl. Finally when Axel came around they thought it was a good fit. 

Lew Temple Interview

-Will you continue watching The Walking Dead?


I do continue to watch The Walking Dead, as I am a true fan of the show. I have so many friends who are on the show, I am always interested in watching their work, but more than anything, I am a fan of the series, and where it is taking us. I have to tell my friends on the show, when we are out to dinner, not to talk about the show, as I don't want to have any spoilers. I want to experience it just as everyone else does. I try to speculate what is going to happen in the future episodes just like everyone else. I think that people don't really want to know what is going to happen, because I think a huge part of the shows success is the experience that it offers to it's viewers. Getting "lost in the moment" is half of the fun right? 

-What was the best thing or the funniest moment about working on The Walking Dead?


The best thing about working on The Walking Dead was the friendships that I made with many in the production, cast and crew. I am often asked what souvenir did I take from The Walking Dead, and I always answers, lifelong friendships. Starting with Vincent Ward, who played Oscar. We had a wonderful chemistry, built on a wonderful friendship and respect that holds solid today. A funny experience for me on the show, was the very first day I showed up for work. It is very secretive on set, so no actual names are used on call sheets or trailers. I showed up, and did not recognize any of the names, and I thought damn, I have been cast in a weisode for The Walking Dead, I have been duped! Come to find out all of those names were code names for the cast. It was a funny moment. I was also very surprised to find out there was a baby on set, Judith, and when she was brought out, the first time in a scene, I turned to Oscar and said, "A baby, where did she come from ?" You should have been there to see everyone bust out laughing. But also the feeling of utter accomplishment at the end of each episode is really gratifying as well. That we were a family and doing something that is really great, work we can truly be proud of. 

-How much has the series influenced your life?


That is a very good question, because it has definitely affected my life, and all for the positive. I am much more visible now than I was before. Usually somebody recognizes me each day, as Axel from The Walking Dead. I am aware of how popular the show is, and what a great responsibility that comes with that. I try to be available for the audience as much as possible, because I believe they are a large part of the show. I am more aware of what a cultural phenomenon this show is, and really how it affects those who are committed to it. I don't underestimate it's popularity. I think I have been made more aware of an audience than I was before. I also was made aware of how good writing and good production can all work together to build something great. That is a bar set, that I will now forever strive to achieve in my work always. 

-After your time in The Walking Dead you visit many Conventions in many Countrys,also in Germany.Whats your  
Memories about Germany?


Well Bernd, as I opened with I love Germany. I like the food, the beer, the landscape and the cities. But mostly, I like the people. I find a very warm kind spirit in Germany. Full of music and art. I think that some of the great energy of any city lives in Berlin. I would love to see more civic pride on a day to day basis in Germany, not just when the soccer team is playing. Germany has a lot to be proud of, and continues to have forward thinking in it's youth. On another point, I adore the red cabbage and brats, stein of beer. Does it get any better? I do travel around on behalf of the Walking Dead to several places, several countries, and one of my favorite meals recently was that in Germany (see photos)

-Are you currently working on anything interesting Movie or Series that you can reveal? Maybe "Kidnap"?


I have just finished Kidnap with Halle Berry in New Orleans, Louisiana. Let me just say, she is as sweet and talented as she is beautiful. This is a thriller, and she is fantastic in it. I am the antagonist, and it was a lot of work, but I think we did something special. Think Taken, only a Mother, having her child stolen. I am also excited this year for a film I did for Alphonse and Jonas Cuaron. It is called Desierto, starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Gael Garcia Bernal. It is a border film, and has a great deal of suspense. Also a film, The Shangri-La Suite is a road adventure movie about assenting Elvis…and by the way, Selling Isobel, where I play a German Doctor, of suspicious intent. So really fun stuff coming out.  Always looking forward to the next great project as we start the new year, 2015!!!

-At the Last you can send some words to your Fans Lew?


Thank you Bernd, that is what I would say to everyone, thank you for continuing to watch, and take the adventure with me. We will continue to discover treasure on our journey I promise. It is a good world, hug yourselves and someone near tightly each day. We humans, are the best medicine for all things. Rely in the wisdom of the unknown, it is a great benefactor to the soul. God Bless, I have enjoyed out visit this day, and look forward to our next. 


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