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Lillian Hurst - LOST Interview

Looking back at working in Lost  mis. Hurley singing. He sings opera

 Lillian Hurst was born in the Villa Palmera section of San Juan, Puerto Rico.
She was known for her work at the Adventure, Drama, Fantasy Series "Lost".

- Thank being my guest Lillian Hurst.

- 2020, 10 years after the end of the Series "Lost". what is the first thing you can think of about the series?
The wonderful thing about Lost. For me was it was filmed in. Hawaii !  And that. My son is from  Latino. Family’s   The mother is. CUBAN  and she said I want to see her on tape  to see if I  like  her. When she saw  I punched him on his arms  she said  oh. Just like me ‘ 


- Lillian , you worked from 2005 - 2010 in 6 episodes as Carmen Reyes, the mother from Hugo 'Hurley' Reyes , played by Jorge Garcia. How was it for yourself working in Lost?
I can’t forget the audition  because  At my turn to audition ;   I said : “I  am.  as. Lost as you. People ; why
do I live in my son s  Brain  ?   A young. Girl stood up and said  :  You don’t have to be concerned about  that   Oh my God  my friend  That made me so angry  ; I. said  this is my. Moment  .. I have to be concern. About  everything  !  The strength of my  attitude “ gave me the part !!!


- Hugo was one of the fan favorite character of the series. Do you have a special memory of the shooting with Jorge Garcia you can share with us?
Hurley cheese. Marin and me. Are bilingual we can be a TV show on our own Maybe we can submit a proposal  I always think. That  all the time.


- Carmen Ryes was just a little part , did you wish to see more of the role?

My role wasn’t big but IHad a wonderful career in Hollywood being the guest Star on most of the. TV 📺. Show s  learned a lot about. American comedy timing .




- Please finish the following sentence: “Looking back at working on "Lost" …”
Looking back at working in Lost  mis. Hurley singing. He sings opera !!! I miss the makeup  people .

I Want “Lost “ for to be on the air again ; For it has the best Producer.

I wish I can live on the Brain of my other sons.

I constantly dream  of a “Spin off” on. TV  of. Hurley Chesse. Marin and me   That’s my dream  even living in his brain 

- After Lost you worked in Series like "Trueblood" , "The Comeback" and more.Is there something special where you are personally looking forward to it?
I am writing  an anecdote  book like a Diary  called. Megahurst    And studied with Lyn Redgrave  master Shakespeare 

- Thank you for your time Lillian Hurst! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?
Words for the fans :  we adore all your letters  and won’t forget you either specially. These true moments of being all.” Lost “

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