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Ring Name: Manny Lemons

Date of birth: 08/23/1992

Height: 6 foot

Birth place: Salt Lake City Utah 

Debut: 07/2012

Trained by: Glacier Ray Lloyd 

Finishers/ Signature Moves: The Lemon Drop 

Homepage: Facebook: @Mannylemons

Instagram: @Manny Lemons

Twitter: @mannylemons

Tixtoc: @mannylemons



- Thank you for your approval for this interview for the "Pro Wrestling Interview Series Tour 2022".



- Do you remember your first encounter with wrestling?

My first encounter with Wrestlinf was watching WCW in 1995. The Nwo Jump the giant and sting came to clear house. I just remember hearing “he dropped the bat and fighting off all of them.” I was hooked since. 



- Please give us a brief summary of how you got into Pro Wrestling?

Been a fan of professional wrestling my whole life. After high school once football went away I needed something to fill the void. Found a school got trained haven’t looked back since. 



- Do you have any previous experience with martial arts from before you became a wrestler or other sports you did?


Was an all state wide receiver in highschool football. Ran track, played baseball. 


- Can you still recall your first training sessions? Yes. I did a flip bump and landed right on my neck lol. 



- How do you remember your first match, what was the feedback and what experience did you take from it?

Yes was nervous as all hell. Went way too fast. 


- Manny Lemons The King of the Lemonade Stand. Is there a story behind the name?


- Do you have a ‚dream opponent‘ you want to fight above all others?

None in particular. 


- Do you have personal highlights, favourite matches or feuds so far in wrestling?




- What are you doing when you not stand inside the ring?

Usually in the weight room. 


- When a booker or company from your Country or around the world will book you , where can they contact you?

Phone: 385-319-3821


- Thank you very much for your time ,i wish you all the success and especially health! 

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