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Interview with Michael Mundy - The Walking Dead Zombie

Bernd:First , it is a pleasure to have you Michael Mundy here for , thank you.


You are one of the The walking Dead Zombies in Season 2 and 3,how was it for you work for TWD?



Michael:Working on Twd has been the best experience I've ever had on a set- the best cast, crew , producers -actors. Everyone knows they're apart of something very special and everyone treats you like family.

Having the pleasure of the genius Greg Nicotero do my make up was a huge bonus- nicest, coolest guy on the planet .( as well as the rest of the Knb Fx team)

Bernd: How do you come to the Job as Zombie?Is there a story behind how do you get the gig?


Michael: I was on another movie set and had just moved back home from California. Several people came up up me saying I really needed to do this. I'd never seen the show, so I went home and watched a marathon. I quickly said yes to this, midway through the second episode

Bernd: The Make-up is awesome, how was it for you in the and under the make up?


Michael: The make up, contact lenses , etc. we're never a problem for me



Bernd: On TWD-Wiki i saw that you was the last walker shot by Andrea in the Season 2 finale and the first walker seen in Season 3. Will we see you again in season 5?


Michael: Can't say if I'll be on season 5, but we shall see!

Bernd: How does the zombie lurch work? Do you get much specific direction on that?


Michael: Zombie lurch - yes I was given a little coaching - wasn't hard



Bernd: In Germany this year starts the InfeCtiON (TWD Con) and will continue next year,when the promoter ask,will you come?


Michael: If I a asked again to come overseas, that will be a definite yes- I have several friends there and surrounding areas and they'd love to come, as well!

Bernd: After TWD you will be a part on different conventions, what would you say is the secret behind that so many people loves the lead character and the zombies too.


Michael: Yes , I've done several conventions all over the U.S., including a Castle Zombie in Colchester Castle last April- great fun!The secret to Twd- great story line , producers ,actors, just good stuff all the way around

Bernd: At the last something so say to TWD and Walker Fans?


Michael: To all Twd fans- I am one as well! We all appreciate everything and being apart of something so great and apart of television history, as well!


Bernd: Thank You very much,it was a great pleasure for me.


Michael: The pleasure is all mine - thanks

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