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Miltos Yerolemou - Interview with Syrio Forel from Game of Thrones

Miltos Yerolemou is an actor, known for Star Wars: Episode VII, The Danish Girl and Murder on the Orient Express. And he was Syrio Forel in Game of Thrones.


- Thank you Miltos being my guest for this Interview. 


- Miltos you start your career in the middle of the 90´s in Funny Bones and Shakespeare Shorts. what made you become an actor?


I became an actor completely by accident. My parents are greek Cypriot and I was supposed to be an accountant or a solicitor but I certainly wasn’t academic enough for that, plus once I performed in my very first school play I was hooked


I went to do a very vocational theatre course in the UK and from there found a deep interest in writing and directing and thought that was the path I was going to pursue. However I worked with devising theatre groups and found myself working with choreographers where I found a love of different forms of dancing 

Which came in very handy when I had to learn fight choreography 



- 1997 -2003 you played in the Comedy series "Hububb" You played differnt role´s , what was your favorite?


After a couple of series of playing various characters I became Les’ best friend Mikey who’s alter ego was a little old lady. Every time Les got into trouble I turned in a little old lady to solve the crime and find Les, just like Wonder Woman

Strange I know, but it was a crazy little show



- 2011 , You play Syrio Forel ,a master sword-fighter and instructor hired by Eddard Stark to train Arya Stark, in Game of Thrones. Three episodes. Did you ever expect Syrio to become as popular as he did?


He was always a fan favourite because of the books so I know I had a lot to live up to and with so little screen time I had to make an impact in a very short amount of time. But I loved the challenge and loved learning the water dance


- What was it like working with Maisie Williams?


Maisie was 13 years old when we filmed the first series  and it was real pleasure to work with such a natural talent. It was the very first time she had ever acted professionally but was a keen dancer at school so we were very proud that all the sword play you see is all us and we never had to use our stunt doubles at all. And watching what a fantastic actress Maisie has grown into has been such a delight to witness


- How much Miltos was in the role of Syrio Forel?


I have an interest in eastern philosophical spirituality and so I felt a  deep connection to a lot of the lines that I had to speak and the character I was portraying




- In fantasy series noting is impossible, will we see you maybe back? In a flashback or whatever?


Not Today


- After Game of Thrones you a a spot in the next big fan base, Star Wars. See the fans you more as Syrio or the Star Wars Bar Patron?


The vast majority of fans definitely relate to my portrayal of Syrio. And only nerds and completists come to see me for playing the , lets face it ‘blink and you will miss it’, character in star ward the force awakens. But it was still a really exciting experience as I am a big Star Wars fan


- 2017 "Murder on the Orient Express. Working with Johnny Deep, Williem Dafoe and other Stars. You work as Old Turk Baker. How was this Experience for yourself?


I loved watching Kenneth Branagh work. Watching him direct  the film and also simultaneously playing the lead character. It was fascinating. I remember him whispering to me while we were standing nose to nose…  I said to him, ‘ your moustache is magnificent’ and he replied ‘ its like acting with another actor on your face’


Also, when I think of that movie one of my favourite things is that my girlfriend (who doesn’t even like Agatha christie ) went to see that film with her friends, simply to see me on screen for a couple of minutes, scatter flour over pastries



- Is there still a role you would love to play in the future?


Iago in Othello


- At the last you maybe had some words for your fans in the world and germany?


I have always loved doing conventions in Germany and I cannot wait to visit again soon


- Thank you again and it was a plesure for me. Hope to see you soon in germany.



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