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Nathalie Söderqvist is an actress and writer, known for Fröken Julie (2013), Mord im Mittsommer (2010) and Sommaren med Göran

(2009).Star Wars Fans also know her for working in the Fan Film "Star Wars: Threads of Destiny"

- Thank you Nathalie Söderqvist for your time.

Thanks for having me.

- In Star Wars Fan Film Threads of Destiny you playing Blue-Wing Seven. How did you get cast for the role?

Rasmus Tirzitis, the director, and I worked together on the movie Dead On Arrival in 2008, so he asked me if I was interested in playing the role of Blue-Wing Seven. And of course I was!

- Were you a Star Wars fan before you got cast?

I had seen the first movie, and I also had the toy figures when I was little. My favorite character has always been R2D2.

- Could you share some funny, remarkable, weird stories regarding the filming of your scenes?

It's always a bit special working on sci-fi movies, because there's no environment to relate to, just a green screen. So you have to create everything in your mind. There wasn't even a ship for me to be in, I just had a chair and a joystick. In one scene my ship was hit, so I sat there on the chair jolting pretending the whole ship was shaking, trying to say my lines at the same time. That was quite an absurd funny moment, but it looked good in the edit. 

- You not only played in Star Wars, you also in "Fröken Julie" , "Morden i Sandhamn"  and some more. What was your favorite role
so far?

That's a tough question... I do hold Miss Julie very dear to my heart. That role was really interesting. She is so complex yet human. There was so much to work with and I discovered and learned more about her throughout the shoot. And the movie itself is just breathtakingly beautiful. But I've been very fortunate to have gotten to play a lot of interesting and fun roles during the years, in many different genres. 

- You work with so many people in so many TV Series and Video Games (The Evil within 2) , which one has left an impression in
your life and what?

Another tough question. You always learn so much working with different people and people from different cultures, which makes my job so fun. There are many people that have inspired me and made me grow as an actor and a human, that I can't just pick one. Though, an experience that had profound impact on my career was the TV series Julbocken. It brought me to the comedy genre, something I hadn't really worked with before that. And it was a great shoot. We had so much fun on set and I met people that I've continued to work with to this day.

- Nathalie , you not only infront of the Camera ,you also behind. You wrote storys like Scenskräck (Horrormovie) and you work as
Stunt double in Broken Promise (TV Movie) for Ashley Scott. What will we see next ? New Movies or series?

I worked on a couple of films in Los Angeles last year that are being edited and should be released in the near future (one is a sci-fi movie). I'm also writing a feature film, which is very exciting. And then I have some new film projects coming up later this year.

- Is there something special you would love to play in the future?

I would love to do more action and sitcom. But ultimately I just want to play interesting characters and work with inspiring people.

- Thank you for your time! Let’s end this interview with some words for the fans?

My pleasure! To the fans: Thank you so much for your support! Without you my work would be meaningless, so I really appreciate you choosing to watch the movies and TV shows. I hope you will enjoy what's coming up this year. Thank you!



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