Ring Name: Nate Devlin

Date Of Birth: 07-11-1996

Height: 1,87m / 6ft2

Weight: 88kg / 196lbs

Birth Place: Hilversum, The Netherlands

Debut: 18th September 2015

Trained by: Tommy End, Michael Dante, Tengkwa, Andrei Ivanov Finishers/Signature Moves: Orange Crush Powerbomb, Spin-Out High Kick

Homepage: Nate Devlin, @NateDevlinPW (or FB,Twitter)



-Thank you for your spontaneous commitment and being a part of "The Global Indy Pro Wrestling World Tour 2016/2017. Can you introduce yourself please?

Well, my name is Nate Devlin. I'm 19 years old and an up-and-coming talent in Europe.



-How did you get into the Wrestling business ?

I started off as a fan of Professional Wrestling since the age of 13, and when I was 18, I started training to become a Professional Wrestler and within 6 months I had my first match.



-What is your family thinking of your passion for the sport, are they worried about your health?

They're really supportive, even when I come home hurt or miss certain family events because of wrestling, they understand it because they know how much it means to me.



- What can you say about your Coach and how long did it take, that it was clear for you to do the first match?

My trainers are great teachers and given the fact that I am able to train 3 times a week, I was ready for my first match in about 5 months.



-On Facebook i saw that you also trained by Tommy End, he is a great European Talent. What can you say about the Training with him?

Training with Tommy was always tough and intense, but every single training you learned so many new things. It was great to be trained by such a great teacher as him for as long as I did.



- Can you still remember your very first Pro Wrestling match and what was it like to wrestle in front of an live crowd for the first time?

My very first wrestling match was about a year ago when I wrestled one of my trainers Sean Lucas for FWF in Belgium, and it was so much different to actually wrestle in front of people instead of on training, but it was so amazing and a real fun experience to look back on.


- You work for Indy Pro Wrestling Companys in the Netherlands , what can you tell us about some of this?

Yes, I work for two different companies in the Netherlands, namely Pro Wrestling Holland and Pro Wrestling Showdown. Wrestling for those companies is always fun, since I know a lot of the wrestlers that come there and the shows are always fun.



- Pro Wrestling has many legends, do you have any idols?

I do not really have idols, I am more of a self-motivated person, but there are a lot of people I study a lot to learn from, and those people would be Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels



- How would you describe an Wrestling Fans from an other Country the Wrestling Events in your Land??

The Dutch wrestling events are always fun, so I really advise fans to come and attent one of those shows, because wrestling in the Netherlands itself is not as big as in most other European countries, while there are so many great Dutch wrestlers, and it would be great if wrestling would get bigger in the Netherlands.



- What goals do you still have, would a major contract be interesting for you or do you feel well in the Indy area?

Well, my goal is to work for WWE, but if I am able to make a living from wrestling somewhere else, that would be great, because wrestling itself is interesting for me, and I would like to make a living doing just that.


- Every wrestler tries to gain international experience, to travel to many countries. Which country you would love to visit next and wrestle? And do you had the time to make some sightseeing in other Countrys?

I am having a great time wrestling everywhere I go, but especially in Germany right now, since Germany was one of my goals to wrestle in, and to be able to do that this early in my career is just great. Also England was one of my goals, and this year I was able to do one tour there, so I really look forward to come there more often next year. But I really would like to wrestle in the United States next.

-When a booker or company from your Country or arround the world will book you where can they contact you?

They can email me at booknatedevlin@gmail.com, send me a message on Facebook, or Direct Message me on Instagram or Twitter (@NateDevlinPW).


-Is there anything else you would like to let the World Wrestling Fans and your fans know?

Go follow me on Twitter and Instagram, add me on Facebook and don't forget my name because you are going to hear a lot about it in the future.

Thank you very much for your time and all the best for the future and maybe see you someday back in Germany!

Thank you! I hope so too!

Indy Pro Wrestling Interviews Global Tour 2016/2017