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Nick Joseph - Interview - Between Star Wars , Doctor Who and James Bond

Nick Joseph is an actor who has worked on STAR WARS as the Medal of Yavin Bearer, James Bond, Dr Who and more.


- Thank you Nick for your time for this second Interview.

Good Evening Bernd  -  thank you again for contacting me

- Nick, we meet us some weeks ago at the Starbase Charity Con in Osnabrück. What can you say about this Convention and your time there?
Osnabruck , that was a Great Little Convention , well organised , very friendly & well looked after.As I did not leave till late afternoon on the Sunday I was given a tour of the Town & Lunch , that I thank you all for , it was very kind.

- Some days ago the new Star Wars IX Teaser comes out and we see a Medal of Yavin, did you see the Teaser and when yes , what do you think when you see the Medal?
 I saw the Medal of Yavin in the teaser & I thought well why not put up the 2 Medal Bearers as well, I am sure that Derek would also like that . 


- Besides Star Wars you also played in Doctor Who. In Doctor Who you featured in 6 episodes with 3 differnt Doctor´s.  Can you share some of your Doctor Who experiences?  
I played in 4 eps of Dr Who , 1 with Tom Baker in The Leisure Hive , where I played the Tourist who got Murdered   -   2 with Peter Davison in Black orchid where I was the Cricket Captain  -  & Terminus where I was captured by Turlo & ready to be Tutminated but I escaped   -1 with Colin Baker where I played Luddite who Kidnapped Dr Whos Assistant (Peri Brown)   It was great working with Colin & we see each other @ most Dr Who Cons  



- James Bond , Roger Moore and The Spy Who Loved Me  1977, you played an Armoury Officer . What can you tell us about your role and maybe Roger Moore?
 James Bond 007,  I played the Armoury Officer where I was giving out the Arms & grenades  -  Roger was a joker ,  on 1 shot I felt water on me , I looked up found nothing as I thought that the roof was leaking  -  again more water , I looked round & found Roger had a Water Pistol aiming straight at me again , WET AGAIN   

- What is the best memory you have regarding Star Wars?
Best Memory in Star Wars , taking the small feature as Major Arhul Hextrophon the Medal of Yavin Bearer , meeting , Harrison Ford - Mark Hamell  & of course Our Princess Carrie Fisher , whi I spoke to quite a great deal about her Dad & Mum   -   I had quite a few day on " A New Hope "  with a lot of close ups & long shots , in all I had 15 days on & off.   


- And in Doctor Who?
Dr Who -  working with Tom Baker , a Legend  , a very nice man & very helpful in the scenes that I had  -  Peter Davison was a very keen cricketer as he tried to bowl me out , so I had to make out that he did 9I played for Essex Youth when I was younger (very much younger)  -  Colin is a true Dr Who and Friendly   


- 2012 you worked for a Shortfilm as Line Producer, thats right?
 That short film never really happened  it stopped after 2 weeks

- What are you currently doing? Are you still in the movie business? 
 I still work but I pick & choose these days , as I get invited to many Conventions all over the world  - this year  so far : -  Australia  -  Ney Jersey in the USA  -  Germany  -  Gibraltar  -  Nashville in the USA + + + many in the UK   

- Nick, you had some Conventions in germany and win new fans and meet other fans. At the last you had some words for the Fans?
  to all my Fans ,  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words that you have given me & conversations that we have had over the years , may you still contact me as I am always ready to speak to you . May Your God Go With You .  Thank You All  ,    Nick.


- Thank you again Nick for the second Interview and i hope to see you soon back in germany. May the force ,luck and health be with you



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