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Nick Joseph Interview

Nick Joseph is an actor who has worked on STAR WARS as the Medal of Yavin Bearer, James Bond,Dr Who and more.

Thank you Nick for your time for this Interview

B.L.: Nick you played in one of the biggest SiFi movies of all time,Star Wars, Can you tell how you got cast for Star Wars: A new Hope? And how did you get your part assigned?

N.J.:I was asked by my agent if I was interested in a low budget movie as a medal bearer- I said yes - went for a costume fitting - 2 weeks later started shooting STAR WARS as Arhul Hextrophon the Medal of Yavin Bearer (there is a story why I gave Han Solo the 1st Meal) if you buy the Medal the History/story  will be revealed.

B.L.: Star Wars is still anphenomenon, Did you watch many years later the start of the new prequel Movies?

N.J.: I still watch most of the movies and I think I always will

B.L.: After all this years actors like you will booked for Conventions all over the world, do you have contact to other Main actors of this movies?

N.J.: I still see a great deal of the other actors as we meet up at different Conventions all over the world-we will be meeting again on July 25th at the Romford Essex Sci-Fi charity Convention

B.L.: When you had the choice for a day with one of all the actors of all 6 movies which one will be your favorite?

N.J.: My favourite actor is Carrie Fisher as it was she who took the medal that I had and gave it to Han Solo

B.L.: Nick you not only worked in Star Wars you also played in James Bond and many many other projects. What was your favorite role so far and why?

N.J.: I don't think that I have a favourite as all the parts that I have played are favourites at the time BUT the most memorable part is of course Arhul Hextrophon

B.L.: In Germany are many Dr Who Fans and you played in this serie.Dr WHO with 3 Drs : Tom Baker, Peter Davidson (2 eps)  and Colin Baker - Blakes  7 (2 eps) Whats you favorite memory when you think about Dr Who?

N.J.: Dr Who-Colin baker with Nicola Bryant (Peri Brown) in Mark of the Rani- this is where I captured Peri Brown (we had a little cuddle/hug) and I was then told to let her go as I had a gun to my head

B.L.: One last Question,Star Wars VII and J.J. Abrams coming soon, what do you think about and will you watch the next generation of Jedi Knights?

N.J.: Ohhh yes I will certainly watch the next Star Wars movie , I think it will be totally different from the 1st ever as I am sure a great deal of technical / computerised scenes - BUT that is the movie industry of today

B.L.:Thank you Nick and when you would you can say some last words to your fans.

N.J.: To all the Star Wars Fans / Friends Thank you all so much for being there as without you all we as actors in Star Wars would never have been so in demand- we respect you and love you all - - thank you and M.T.F.B.W.Y.   Nick.    

Fans feel free to visit Nick´s Homepage

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